Friday, October 25, 2013

Despicable Movie 2

I really wanted to like Despicable Me 2 since I really enjoyed the first one.

But didn't.

Issue 1:
Maybe it's because I'm dead inside, but the story was crap, it's said that there are a lot of "suspects" but we only get to know one. The others are not even present nor interesting. Aside from The Hangover 3 this might be the worst use of Ken Jeong I've ever seen.

Issue 2:
The humor was poor (except for a couple of moments), and the terrible thing is that all those moments are in the first act. After the middle the movie drags and drags.

Issue 3:
The new characters were boring. I hated Lucy and what they tried to do with her. It's been done, and better. El Macho worked for about two seconds before it got annoying. The girls turned into non-characters only there to be either Mcguffins (Margo), Aww factor (Agnes) or nothing (Edith).

Issue 4:
The threat was garbage, the movie has no conflict. Every possible threat is resolved a couple of minutes it's introduced and with no development whatsoever. Characters change sides without motivation. They even failed to do a proper "final" monster. I know we're on a moment when everything (specially content aimed at children is basically pre-chewed and semi-digested) but a slightly scarier monster would have worked wonders.

Minions are still cool, though. I'm just sorry we needed a bad movie just to get the toys we should have gotten with the first.

Well, I guess it's the price you pay sometimes.


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