Friday, April 24, 2009


I've always been a Batman fan. So I started a collection of characters that had a connection with him. A rogues gallery and some allies.

I try not to repeat characters. One should be enough to prove the point, right?

I took me quite a while to get a Joker figure I actually like. I wanted the classic purple suit Joker, and the Joker from Hush is really horrible. This one from Batman and son, is very powerfull and looks kinda demented enough.

Simpsons Playmates

I'm not the best kind of collector. I don't go for the entire collection, just want the figures that mean something to me.

I think The Simpsons mean a lot of things to anybody in the planet.


Fairly decent collection, considering most of this figures I've saved from when I was a young tiny collector and actually played with them.

Is really hard to get TMNT figures in Argentina. Sometimes, a new one shows up on the web and the two or three hardcore collectors (I'm not one of them) fight in a mud pit for it or something.

Sometimes I get there first.


Only Volcana missing. And still waiting for the Matty stands. I've always been a big fan of Bruce Timm's animation, so I love this series.

I added the Creeper figure from Batman animated series, because I don't think they'll ever make it. But the size is OK, so... It fits with the others.

Plus, some Tick figures I got once, and got to complete the set (don't think that's ever going to happen).

Marvel Super Hero Squad

Don't really know why. But I like these small guys.
I'm not a Marvel fan, and I don't like that they used this format in Transformers or Toy Story figures.

I started the collection with a couple of Spiderman villains, and all I really wanted was the Nightcrawler. Now I have a lot of them.

Go figure.