Friday, October 1, 2010

You were always on my mind

There are a couple of good reasons why I got this toy:

Number 1 (The altruistic reason):
This toy is the first release of Raje Toys, and I try to support, as much as my wallet can, the new people that release new ideas and awesome looking toys. I followed the creation of Dr. Brain (He's insane in the membrane - Hey, that's what the box says...), he started as a custom and was so praised that they decided to make it into a toy in its own right. And boy, did they succeed.

Number 2 (The look reason):
Since the first time I saw the teaser pictures I knew I was going to get this toy because it just looks so damn good. The sculpt of the body is really simple, very smooth and with almost no sculpted detail. The "head" and brain are a different story, the liquid in the jar is painted, which is a good choice, the brain is great, and back tanks are a nice addition to the figure as a whole. It doesn't have a lot going for articulation, but I don't really need it, just want it to stay there and look cool. And it does. There's a chase variant painted grey and red, but I really like this one better.

And finally...

Number 3 (The real reason):
It's a toy about a Brain in a jar. And I-JUST-FUCKING-LOVE-TOYS-WITH-BRAINS-IN-JARS!!!

Until next time.