Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Boba Fett: Booty Hunter (SDCC Haul II)

Hi boys and girls, it's me, Uncle Freak after almost two weeks of shooting a TV series I finally return to the blogosphere to talk about toys and to talk about what I got in San Diego. It's a good thing that I never claimed to reveal or even keep a posting schedule, but I'll never leave you my friends.

I'll stay with you like Boba Fett on Han Solo's trail, even if the world becomes a prequel of itself I'll still be with you. Only that it's not going to be me, it's probably going to be the guy they cloned to get me. Or something.

Why are you still listening to me? We need to talk about toys.

One of the weirdest things I got in the con was a limited vinyl figure of Boba Fett holding a BoomBox. It really doesn't have a name: This is the card that came with the figure.

But screw this, I like my figures to have names, so I named him Roger. But then on a whim I changed his name to Boombox Fett. I think it suits him better.

It was done by an artist called Motorbot for a T-Shirt company, I'm pretty sure about it. But that's one of the greatest things about Comic Con, I just saw this one day and bought it, mainly because it looks cool, maybe because it's silly, might be because I have a soft spot for John Cusack (or was it Joan Cusack?) but mostly because it's Boba Fett holding a Boombox.

Boombox Fett was limited to 20 pieces, if you want to see some of the amazing toys Motorbot has done, check his Flickr.

I won't have to take unexpected trips for a while, so I think I'll be able to keep posting regularly. But if you ever miss me, just remember that moment in Say Anything when Boba Fett holds the Boombox up and the Imperial march starts playing. It always makes me smile.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's up, Duke? (SDCC Haul I)

And now some trivia you may not know about me: I am a David Bowie fan, I have all his albums, I've seen Labyrinth a couple million times and I even own a copy of The man who fell to Earth, the movie that started one of Bowie's many eras, the one where he was called the Thin White Duke.

(So, if you were wondering, the Duke in the title is Bowie and not John Wayne or Jo, or Luke and certainly not Daisy)

What does this have to do with San Diego Comic Con? Well, what if you could have a way to unite your obsession with toys, your enthusiasm for cuddly animals and your passion for the one and only Ziggy Stardust? Now, that would be cool, right?

Artist Jermaine Rogers gave me that when he did a print called Aleppin Sane that was later turned into a toy by a company called Plastic City.

The result was this awesome, huge (and incredibly light) vinyl piece:

For references regarding the size of this bust, you can check last post, for accuracy regarding the cover of David Bowie's album Aladdin Sane you can check this pic:

The bust is of course not articulated, the sculpt and colors are incredible simple and very effective. The fur is very nicely done. As I said before, since it's a piece of hollow vinyl the bust is super light despite it's massive size.

It now has a place of honor in one of my DVD shelves in my living room.

And the best part? One in ten boxes had a very limited signed and numbered print in it. And guess who got one?

"Me", the right answer was "Me" (no, not you). Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries before I could snap a pic of the print. But it is there, I'll post a pic when I show you more stuff I got in the Con.

There's more to come.

Stay tuned!