Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All hail our new Robot Overlords - Part II

OK, OK, so apparently nothing happened in the date the movies gave and Skynet is not the ruler of the world... But hey, I'm didn't get to be the self proclaimed minister of Human/Robot relations by jumping to conclusions to fast. Not at all.

So I'll play it safe and keep saying that robots are awesome for some time, before shamelessly switching sides.

This time is the turn of the very cool MOTU Classics Roboto!

Since Roboto's pretty old and everybody did a review of already I'll just go through some basics:

1) Roboto is super cool.
2) His shoulders are reversed, I don't really care.
3) He's wearing purple underwear.
4) The gears on his chest rotate when you move his waist, his mouth doesn't open.
5) He comes with four hand attachments, a gun, a claw, an axe and a regular hand.
6) Purple underwear!
7) You can't store the attachments in his body. Lame.
8) He's got a heart-shaped chip in his chest to reflect his He-Man mini comic appearance.
9) Some parts are reused but there's enough new tooling to keep me quiet.
10) He's got purple underwear! Why are you ignoring this? This cannot be ignored! The robot is wearing PURPLE UNDERWEAR!!!
12) The paint apps were pretty precise with some minor bleeding hre and there, nothing important.
11) He looks great despite the choice color of some of his parts.
12) They are purple.

And that's about it. But let me explain why I love Roboto. As a little Freak, and a MOTU enthusiast, Roboto was the one that got away. I never owned one, but a friend of mine did. And I hated that bastard! At that point I wasn't that much into magic anymore, but was getting really into Science fiction, the literary genre my dad loved the most and the one he taught me to love.

Roboto was the perfect combination of my past and my present at that time and I really wanted Roboto. He was sooooo awesome. But I didn't have one. So I grew up bitter and twisted and never played with toys again.

Not really.

Actually I grew up as a toy loving geek and made sure to get every version of Roboto ever! Ha! Take that Universe!

That's a life lesson right there...

And sepaking of Robot parts, Stephen, the winner of our Bionic contest got his prize (a Bionic Bjoern from Hauke Scheer) already and he's showing off too! Hate him here.

Until next time.

Friday, April 22, 2011

All hail our new Robot Overlords

According to my calculations (based on solid empirical facts) Skynet gained consciousness a couple of days ago and yesterday launched a devastating nuclear attack...

So for you poor helpless survivors I'll start a series of posts so you can recognize and praise our new Robot Overlords.

Like this one:

This is Mecha Sad Bear by artist Luke Chueh, done for the series called Kaiju for Grown Ups. That series, started by the Japan based company called Wonderwall, got several artists to create (or recreate) Kaiju monsters.

My good friend Reis actually owns the Woodlands Monster and the Mothman reimagined by David Horvath, creator of Uglydolls.

Luke Chueh is one of the most interesting artists out there. His take on a terrible reality using mostly bears and bunnies is incredibly disturbing and at the same time quite funny.

This is one of my favorite pieces done by Luke:

It's called "Soundtrack to my life". I just love it. I'd love to have several of his prints to frame on my house.

Anyway, Mecha Sad Bear was released in 2008. Is 6" and has five points of (very limited) articulation. There are six colorways, the silver version that I have (because is the one that makes more sense to me) was limited to 200 pieces. But you can also find it in gold, black, clear, glow in the dark and, if I'm not mistaken, orange.

I'm starting to build a small collection of toys by Luke Chueh and Mecha Sad Bear is one of my favorites so far.

He also gave me an idea, a stop motion animation show like celebrity death match but with all the giant monsters from popular culture...

It's genius! Don't you think Skynet?


OK, OK, I'll shut up now.

Until next time.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Now I know my ADD... No, wait... ABC, I know my ABC

Several toy bloggers decided to make a challenge in April called the A to Z challenge, meaning one toy for every letter in the alphabet before the month ends. I really don't know who started it, but I think it's quite cool.

I decided to enter too, but unlike some of my fellow bloggers (like Adrian from Little Plastic Man, Alex from Toy Heaven, or Leon from Open the Toy) who are making a terrific job covering one toy and one letter at a time with reviews and posts, I decided to go for the whole alphabet in just one sitting.

Trying to pay a little homage to the work of Edward Gorey, this is Freak Studios' Toy Alphabet.

Until next time.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's a miracle, fool!

One of the most interesting Mini Blind Box series of last year is Matt Jones' Lunartik in a cup of tea. For some reason the design of these little dudes is incredibly appealing to me.

I just love these tiny little things, and I really can't explain why. Maybe is the little cup, maybe is because they don't look like anything even remotely human, maybe is because they are so damn cute. I don't know, and I don't care.

As a line based purely on looks I don't need to have them all, just a couple is OK. Or so I thought, until I saw the "special" chase figures:

Yes! That one there is called "Mr. Tea" and it's a tiny Mr. T in a tiny cup of tea with the colors of the A-team van...

(I can't breath...)

(Wait for it...)


I also have a strong love/hate relationship with this line. The love part is easy to understand, the hate part is easy too. These things are absolutely impossible to get in Argentina. I even tried to order a case, just to get that Mr. Tea.

Only one problem:

Did you see it yet? Let me help you a little bit...

Yeah, the ratio of Mr. Tea is 2 in 160 blind boxes! That meant I had to order a minimum of 80 boxes if I wanted to get one, and not even then was a sure thing.

I might have cried a little...

BY the title of the post you might have guessed by now, my sister went to London and bought me 2 (two!!!) boxes. And guess what was in one of them...

Oh yeah!!! Mr. Tea, "Strong and black" as the label says. And he is all mine.

He's just as cute and awesome as I wanted him to be. But he's always feeling pity for me and doesn't trust me if I put milk in his tea... I might need to get some other minis to customize into the rest of the A-Team... Hmmm... That's an idea.

And the freaky thing is that the other box had this:

That's the Lunar tea, another one of the specials 1 in 40. The Lunar Tea might look simple, but glows in the dark. I'm not crazy about GITD like my friend Charles, but I sure do like 'em a lot.

Next time I'm going to buy some blind boxes I'm definitely taking my sister with me!

Until next time.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Silly rabbit, tricks are for geeks!

Apparently, The Trickster, a (not-so) notorious villain from DC Comics has taken over Stephen's blog. In order to release the hostages without any incidents he's demanding that you answer five (evil) questions.

If you do so, he might even give you something for your trouble. He'll probably make Stephen pay for it but there's really nothing to do about it, bad guys are bad guys, right?

So, enter the contest and watch how The Trickster makes Stephen pay for your stuff!

Oh, here's the bad dude himself...

(This image might give you a hint to answer one of the questions... What?... Trickster... You never told me I couldn't give hints... C'mon... It was a joke... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...)