Saturday, July 25, 2009

On green wings

The latest additions to my Justice League display arrived today and I couldn't be happier about them:

And although I would like a little more rage in that DCD Guy Gardner's look, he's still very cool and on scale for a figure that was made in 2003.

The DCUC Hawk Girl has been reviewed in several blogs, so I'll just say that she's amazing, the details on the wings are great, the paint apps really precise and the balance... Well, she actually fell off as I was writing this, but I'll find a pose that suits her.

Waiting for the next members: Blue Devil and the Mini Atom figure...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Of ninjas and turtles

Today I got two figures I was expecting, completing a group of five new 80´s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

I think Merdude is one of the most bizarre figures of the line, and I love him because of it. Besides, making a character stand up with only a mostly unarticulated tail is an acomplishment for the designers. Luckyly the paint was undamaged. Prize to the weirdest detail: He has knee protectors!

I used to watch the ninja turtles show a lot when I was a kid and always had mixed feelings about Krang's android body, he seemed kinda dull. But the mini-Krang inside this figure is great (and removable too).

I got this Chrome Dome really cheap, since he has some paint issues, mostly on the legs. But he was complete with the wings, and that's really hard to find here.

Zak, the Neutrino is like an angry elf rocker from space... Hey that sounds pretty good, wait a minute ("Hello, Hollywood, get me Roger Corman... Hey Roger how about this? Angry elf rockers from space... Well, fuck you too, I'm gonna call Stan Lee").

And finally, Leonardo as the Werewolf... What can I say? I like 'em both. Too much temptation not to get that figure, besides it was in absolutely mint condition and it marked the weirdest limit of the entire line, the turtles as the classic Universal Monsters.

Here's my TMNT collection as it is right now:

It's kinda crowded, but when (if) I get more figures I'll give them more space on the shelf.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A real wild cat

I'm really trying to finish this collection: Wildc.a.t.s. from Playmates (year 1994).
I started with Pike in 1998 (probably) bought it from a Park sale, loose, but in great shape. I left him on a shelve and never thought much of him until I found a Spartan online. This collection is really cheap, but also really hard to find in Argentina. After a lot of time I managed to get six characters (Warblade, Maul, Slag and a Daemonite).

Then I started to really look into this collection and found out that, since I don't buy variants the grand total of figures in order to complete it is 13.
In an auction on ebay a friend of mine got me four figures I needed (Grifter, Voodoo, Void and Mr. Majestic):

Only Zealot, Helspont and Black Razor to go. How will it feel to have the complete set?

At least they are going to look great together.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just Us League

5 more additions to the Justice League display:

Green Lantern - Hal Jordan (DCUC - Wave 3), still want Guy Gardner and Kilowog to complete the Green Lanterns of this particular League.

Vixen (DCD JLA), getting her was just good luck and good friends that know people with spare figures.


Power Girl (DCD Infinite Crisis). Looked for her for several months, finally got her today.

Flash - Wally West (DCD Justice League - 2003). I had the DCUC figure, and I like him a lot, but it was the wrong Flash. This is a character really hard to nail in plastic, I think he has to be slim, and slightly less muscular than the rest. I like this figure because of that.

Dr. Fate (DCUC - Wave 8) One of the most awesome presents I got (see post below).

Here's a group shot of the League so far:

I removed the DCUC - Wave 5 Atom, because I'm waiting for the mini Atom that comes with the Gentleman Ghost.

A very special thanks

I want to give a very Special thanks to Andy (he's from a real toy blog, not like this one) because today I got the Action Figure Blues figure from June comment contest (you've guessed it, I was the lucky winner)

The figure is DCUC Wave 8 Dr. Fate. He arrived perfectly and is actually the first wave 8 figure I got.

So again, thanks to Andy (and Mike) for this awesome figure. Visit Action Figure Blues, read a lot and comment away... Is worth it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's the MOTU with you?

OK, today I got my MOTU collection almost to the point I wanted. That is, complete. At least for my standars (no repeats with different accesories).

Here's how the collection was early this morning:

Bad guys on the left.

Good guys on the right.

Last week I also got a little thorn in my side called Zodak:

And just this morning I got The good and the bad in their protoforms (meaning Prince Adam and Keldor). This makes me really really happy.

So now I just need to get that damned Faker and my collection will be complete! You hear me? Complete!


Sorry... I really should cut down the sugar a little bit...

Thursday, July 9, 2009


With a change of place (and a lot more figures), this is my Batman display as it is right now.

Last ones I got were Hugo Strange and Black Mask (DCD Rogues), Alfred and Hush (DCD Hush), Bane (DCD Knightfall) and Clayface (DCSH).

I'm still looking for a Catwoman that I like (probably Hush or DCSH). And waiting for DCUC Gentleman Ghost (that will go in the Batman display because for a Hawkman villain that first appeared in a Flash comic and usually fought against Green Lantern, he has a tendency to clash with Batman all the time. Including the new Brave and the Bold series)