Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just Us League

5 more additions to the Justice League display:

Green Lantern - Hal Jordan (DCUC - Wave 3), still want Guy Gardner and Kilowog to complete the Green Lanterns of this particular League.

Vixen (DCD JLA), getting her was just good luck and good friends that know people with spare figures.


Power Girl (DCD Infinite Crisis). Looked for her for several months, finally got her today.

Flash - Wally West (DCD Justice League - 2003). I had the DCUC figure, and I like him a lot, but it was the wrong Flash. This is a character really hard to nail in plastic, I think he has to be slim, and slightly less muscular than the rest. I like this figure because of that.

Dr. Fate (DCUC - Wave 8) One of the most awesome presents I got (see post below).

Here's a group shot of the League so far:

I removed the DCUC - Wave 5 Atom, because I'm waiting for the mini Atom that comes with the Gentleman Ghost.

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