Saturday, December 18, 2010

Counting... Ehm... Drinking Crows

I have reasons to buy most of my toys, I'm freaky like that. And also over-analytical, my wife tells me that all the time. I usually don't rely on impulse and use logic to take most of my decissions. I just add my desires to my reasons and 2 plus 2 is 4.

Also, I have that kind of twisted mind that can find a logical explanation to the irrational, so I'll convince myself (and quite surprisingly other people too) that those toys need to be bought, by me. In other words, 2 plus 2 is 4 because I want it to be.

But 3)
Sometimes 2 plus 2 is 5. Sometimes I jusy have to say "fuck it" and buy a toy just because.

This is the 6" Drinky Crow figure by Tony Millionaire.

I wasn't very familiar with the weird and awesome art of Tony Millionaire when I saw this figure, but, for some reason (that I still can't point out, dammit!) I really wanted this figure.

But hey, I have this video that will give you some background of the character:

After seeng that I would have gotten the figure for sure, but I didn't need to since I had it already on a package coming my way.

The figure is really accurate and funny. It comes with interchangeable eyes, and a bottle of booze (with removable cork, tell me that's not awesome!). The only down side is that the package had a twistie that cut through the paint in the bottle. You can see it in this pic.

But I'm still displaying that way because, let's face it, what's a Drinky Crow without his drink?

Until next time.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Super Stylized Post

In a futile attempt to catch up with my MOTU Classics posts, I'll talk about two figures at once, if I do a couple of this, I may be able to catch up by the time we get the Snout Spout, probably, in 2016.

But I'll try not to cheat too much and both figures will have something in common. Let's start with Count Marzo:

Marzo is an original character created for the 200X TV series. He was a third sorcerer, a little less powerful than Skeletor, but with more power than Evil-Lyn. Plus, a weird accent from eastern Europe and an inclination for evil goatees (see here).

Marzo is a great figure, and, as a fan of the 200X toy line, I was more than happy to get him. Mattel said he was rushed in the production stage and that's the reason for the "Super Stylized" hair. There will be no more of this non-sense from now on, they said. Well, I, for one, like it a lot.

Some cool things, like his new hand created to hold the mystical gem that gives Marzo his powers, or the amazingly cool looking sword really seal the deal.

Next figure is even more controversial:

You thought I was going to talk about Chief Carnivus, didn't you? Well no, I'll write about him sooner or later, but the debacle of the 200X peaked with Whiplash, so I'll talk about him.

You see, Whiplash came with an extra head, a 200X inspired extra head.

After the release of the figure Mattel officially "retired" the 200X aesthetic for good. Why? I don't know, tooling costs? To screw with the fans? I really don't know anymore, feels like I don't know who you are anymore, Mattel!

Probably, somebody got pissed, 'cause some money on extra tooling was spent only to get a look that's not classic at all.

But I really don't care. If the Four Horsemen, the creative team behind the redesign of the character, changes it completely in the revamp, and gives you an extra head to avoid the classic one in the "Classic" line. Well, they are trying to tell you something. And I think is this: "The original head looks dumb! So very very very dumb! Oh God is it dumb!" (I may be paraphrasing there a bit).

This figure was never one of my favorites and I think it wasn't because of the stupid looking head the vintage toy had. But the new head was created for a more massive body and doesn't look entirely right in these buck either. At first I thought it was a different shade of green, then I realized that the head was just a tiny bit too big, and the proportions were off because of that.

I still think that 200X face looks cooler, so I'm sticking with that one.

The head swap was a real pleasure, the head popped out immediately and was replaced just as fast. But the tail was a different story, I had to make it fit the two holes in the back and, man, was it hard. Once I got them right I found myself staring at a great looking figure, just not the best in the MOTUC line.

Until next time.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Garbage covered awesomeness

When my good friend (and super awesome artist Charles aka Monsterforge) had to send me some King Kens for a custom. He also told me "I made something for you", when I read that, I'm not proud to admit it, I jumped up and down clapping like a little girl. And although I know his customizing skills are incredible, I'm also a child-like idiot that would shriek everytime someone gives him a toy.

But I wasn't prepared for this:

That, my friends, is Muck Man from the vintage TMNT Playmates line, and he never looked better.

You see, the old turtles line had some amazing sculptors and the detail this figures have is amazing, but the paint apps weren't really all that. Usually, the sculpted details were painted the same color as the rest of the figure, because it was cheaper that way.

But Charles was able to bring all those details to life, and man, Muck Man is (literally) covered in them.

Also, Charles struck a nerve with this one, because he knows I'm a sucker for Ninja Turtles Toys! So, this figure is going to my Awesome Toys Display (yes, I have one of those).

And Charles, I can't thank you enough for this. You are an awesome guy and a great artist... But now I hate you a little bit, 'cause I really want to comission all the TMNT vintage figures in this style, and even if you are up for it (there's only like 130 of them), I can't pay the estimated 750.000 billion dollars it would cost (the money was calculated according to the awesomeness of the final product), you bastard!

And because I'm pretty angry right now, I'm going to post this picture of you!

Ha! Revenge is a bitch, no?

(I love you, man!)