Thursday, May 28, 2009

The brave and the blue

I picked up a First Appearance Blue Beetle today (DC Direct, 2007). I really like this figure disregarding the fact that I knew nothing of this character until I saw Batman: the brave and the bold (I'm not too current into comics right now).

It comes with a very nice attachable mystic blue scarab back pack.

And it goes very well with my Batman (from Hush) if I ever want to reenact an episode from the series.

Not that I ever want to do that...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lucky collector's week

In a way, TMNT was my first collection. Of course, the very first one was the original Masters of the Universe, but the difference is that when I grew up and my father asked me to give away my MOTU figures I was OK with it (I saved only the ones I thought were specially cool, like Mantenna, Clawful, Trap Jaw and some others), but when the same moment came with my TMNT collection, I said "no, why not keep them?". So they stayed in a box for ten years or so until I found them and displayed them.

This week I got four additions to my TMNT collection, which is a rare find in Argentina.

Ace Duck. (When I found it, the wings were backwards)

Fugitoid. (When I was a kid a friend of mine had this one and I wanted it oh so very very much, now is mine, mine, mine. I'm not obsessive, shut up)

Metal Head, and...

Leather Head (They didn't spend a lot of time thinking of characters names in those days, did they?)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bad to the bone

I Picked up a DCUC figure a couple of days ago. Deathstroke (with the mask). As most figures in this line is very well detailed and fits perfectly for the villain row of my DC characters display.


Now I have the two most deadly killers in the DC Universe, and I can't help to think that they really look alike. Perhaps the more weird things you have in the mask's eyes, the deadly you are.

Might be...

Friday, May 22, 2009

And my new favorite is...

Swamp Thing, From DC Direct (Year 1999). Love the detail on the figure, and the roses are a good touch. I got it from a guy who also sold me a Space ghost Coast to coast figure (complete with desk, chair, cards and mug). Besides is really heavy which is good, and is really faithful to the original comic.

Even with those bulbs in the back (If you remember your Moore, that HAS to be peyote).

That comic was very important to me. The saga American Gothic, along with Sand Man and Golden Age changed the way I read comics. So, having him in my shelf is really really cool.

In the worst (best) geeky way possible. Of course.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Batman for everybody

Nightwing from the Superman/Batman series.

Poison Ivy from Hush. The Hush series is specially great for the ladies: I have the Huntress and Harley Quinn. And now Pamela Isley is there too. This series has the best female characters of Batman except for...

Batgirl, from Justice. Absolutely love the classic suit and those Bat Boots are clearly made for walking. She doesn't even need a stand.

And last but not least the smallest member of my Batman Family, the Mad Hatter himself (from the Long Halloween series). The tea cup detail is the thing that made me buy this figure.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DC Figures

Some DC figures I've collected over the years. That scarecrow in the back was one of my first attempts of collecting after the void between kid - toy user and grown up (sort of) and toy collector. I remember seeing that Scarecrow in a TV ad and saying that's nicely done, going to a toy shop and buying it. It was later that I salvaged my other figures and started buying new ones.

As you can see I have some DCUC and DC Direct mixed up like a big, happy dysfunctional family.

I'll be uploading the new arrivals soon.