Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lucky collector's week

In a way, TMNT was my first collection. Of course, the very first one was the original Masters of the Universe, but the difference is that when I grew up and my father asked me to give away my MOTU figures I was OK with it (I saved only the ones I thought were specially cool, like Mantenna, Clawful, Trap Jaw and some others), but when the same moment came with my TMNT collection, I said "no, why not keep them?". So they stayed in a box for ten years or so until I found them and displayed them.

This week I got four additions to my TMNT collection, which is a rare find in Argentina.

Ace Duck. (When I found it, the wings were backwards)

Fugitoid. (When I was a kid a friend of mine had this one and I wanted it oh so very very much, now is mine, mine, mine. I'm not obsessive, shut up)

Metal Head, and...

Leather Head (They didn't spend a lot of time thinking of characters names in those days, did they?)

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