Sunday, May 22, 2011

All hail our (Victorian) Robot Overlords!

OK, OK, So, I can't really pick up a theme after almost three weeks of not posting shit. But, hey, the Internet is a free country, of some sorts.

Anyway, I feel I have to explain my sudden absence, I have been really swamped with work lately, so much I couldn't even finish a custom piece for the awesome AFB custom challenge. So incredibly swamped that I couldn't even think stupid jokes to go with my toy posts. I'm sorry, but now I'm back.

And I'll pick up where I left and do a last post about robotic toys (I have more, but let's stop here for a while). With something a little bit different.

I've talked about Doktor A before, this awesome British artist that does Mechtorians (AKA Victorian robots), and this post is exactly about that: Mechtorians - mini figures - series 1 (and so far, the only one) from Mindstyle.

A total of six characters done in vinyl with the great detail and design you can expect from this artist. Of course, you can't just walk into a grocery store in Argentina and ask for some Mechtorians (or any other vinyl toys for that matter, actually I think there are a couple of sex shops that work with some vinyl stuff... But I don't really want to go down that path), I was able to get these toys thanks to the help of my awesome friend Connor (You should totally check his blog, here).

Since Doktor A has a great imagination and an awesome sense of humor, I'll let him describe each character. Also, I'm a lazy bastard and I'm all for copy/paste.

Sir Shilling CopperpennyManager at the Bank of Retropolis. He has deep pockets and short arms. Although his heart is large (some would say just old fashioned) he loves his coin collection above all else... he has even toyed with the idea of having his beloved coins fashioned into a spouse.

I love this guy, reminds me of the bankers in Mary Poppins, kinda. The little legs and arms and the drawers in his chest make him look like something Salvador Dali would have painted. Amazing.

Stephan LePodd
In 1890 the French explorer Stephan LePodd lost his arms, legs and one lung in an unfortunate miscalculation whilst on a trip mapping new Volcanoes in the south Pacific. Luckily, due to his huge family wealth and favorable connections within The Ministry's department for cyber-steam development, he was able to attain the use of a prototype Self Ambulatory Environment Protection Suit initially intended for deep-sea divers. After a trip to his tailor to make the thing "Look respectable at dinner parties and the theatre" he successfully re-entered polite society. Stephan is one of the few part biological members of Retropolis's society. He made the move as he felt his new found longevity would seem improper around anyone but that peculiar Dorian fellow.

So, Retropolis is a place that exists at the same time as human cities. Very interesting. Also is the mention of Dorian Gray. These figures are small (as I said, they are mini figures), but there's also a 6" Stephan Lepodd that I will eventually own. Mark my words!

Scuttler the Butler
One of the very first mechanical servants built by professor Whistlecraft. More of an ambulatory tea tray than a real butler. He has trouble opening doors or moving objects due to his lack of arms or indeed lack of a prehensile moustache, a feature found in later models of Mechtorians. He also has a terrible memory and bad sense of direction, resulting in him often getting lost in large houses and arriving after such a delay that the teapot has grown cold. He valiantly attempts to fulfill his role in life. But is mostly kept around for sentimental reasons.

What a useless piece of awesome crap this robot is. He can bring tea, but not pour it, he gets lost and can't open doors. I love this bio, for two reasons, first, the concept of a prehensile mustache, I want, no... I NEED ONE so badly! Second, the mention of professor Whistlecraft, a hint on Doktor A's true identity. Also the tea cups and pot are removable.

Sentry WheelOne of the city gate guards. Though independent in motion their bodies, when in place, form part of the mechanism required to open the main access way to Retropolis. If they decide you are not coming in then there is little you or anyone else can do about it.

A guard that is also the only way to open the door. Love the idea, now I really want a Retropolis movie.

D.J. Gramo
Entertainer and celebrity. Dermot Joshua Gramo spins the tunes in the most popular of night spots. His personal collection of 78's is legendary, the largest in the world they say. It has to be noted that his rise in popularity has put pay to the careers of a great deal of the city's wax cylinder hawkers and peddlers. Everyone wants the new flat disk records these days. It's what's hip don't you know.

I like his story, not so much the figure. Is the most simple and less "robotic" one, looking more like an object, but hey, not all can be winners. I do love this last though...

Mr. Head
Philosopher and thinker extraordinare. Responsible for the big ideas in Retropolis. Advisor to royalty, big business and the lay-mech alike. His thoughts are wonderful, colourful and huge in scope. Though he is a tad forgetful and so makes endless reams of unintelligible notes on napkins and envelopes. Not a great dinner guest as he tends to mutter to himself constantly.

A bunch of eyes, a huge head, legs and a massive mustache, what else is there in life I ask you.

For what I know there's a second series of mini figures since these are from 2009 I'm not sure if they are still coming or not, I sure hope they are since the designs for the second series are even better than these. You can check out more mechtorians and other stuff in Doktor A's site.

C'mon Dok, make it happen!

Until next time.