Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's the MOTU with you?

OK, today I got my MOTU collection almost to the point I wanted. That is, complete. At least for my standars (no repeats with different accesories).

Here's how the collection was early this morning:

Bad guys on the left.

Good guys on the right.

Last week I also got a little thorn in my side called Zodak:

And just this morning I got The good and the bad in their protoforms (meaning Prince Adam and Keldor). This makes me really really happy.

So now I just need to get that damned Faker and my collection will be complete! You hear me? Complete!


Sorry... I really should cut down the sugar a little bit...


Anonymous said...

I endorse your toy collection.

Masters of the Universe 2002 is far better, so far, than the Classics series.

Freak Studios said...

Thanks for the endorsement, Monte, I appreciate it. I like these designs, but the MOTUC are also cool (specially Mer-Man). Luckily (for my wallet) I never got sucked in that line.