Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Of ninjas and turtles

Today I got two figures I was expecting, completing a group of five new 80´s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

I think Merdude is one of the most bizarre figures of the line, and I love him because of it. Besides, making a character stand up with only a mostly unarticulated tail is an acomplishment for the designers. Luckyly the paint was undamaged. Prize to the weirdest detail: He has knee protectors!

I used to watch the ninja turtles show a lot when I was a kid and always had mixed feelings about Krang's android body, he seemed kinda dull. But the mini-Krang inside this figure is great (and removable too).

I got this Chrome Dome really cheap, since he has some paint issues, mostly on the legs. But he was complete with the wings, and that's really hard to find here.

Zak, the Neutrino is like an angry elf rocker from space... Hey that sounds pretty good, wait a minute ("Hello, Hollywood, get me Roger Corman... Hey Roger how about this? Angry elf rockers from space... Well, fuck you too, I'm gonna call Stan Lee").

And finally, Leonardo as the Werewolf... What can I say? I like 'em both. Too much temptation not to get that figure, besides it was in absolutely mint condition and it marked the weirdest limit of the entire line, the turtles as the classic Universal Monsters.

Here's my TMNT collection as it is right now:

It's kinda crowded, but when (if) I get more figures I'll give them more space on the shelf.


Alberto Martos López said...

Genial! Se dará cuenta el mundo alguna vez de todo el arte que cabe en toda esa cantidad de plástico?

Freak Studios said...

Alberto: No, mientras ese plástico siga siendo llamado "cosa de chicos"...

... Que lo es, pero cuándo el mundo pudo ver todo el arte que cabía en una "cosa de chicos".