Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All hail our new Robot Overlords - Part II

OK, OK, so apparently nothing happened in the date the movies gave and Skynet is not the ruler of the world... But hey, I'm didn't get to be the self proclaimed minister of Human/Robot relations by jumping to conclusions to fast. Not at all.

So I'll play it safe and keep saying that robots are awesome for some time, before shamelessly switching sides.

This time is the turn of the very cool MOTU Classics Roboto!

Since Roboto's pretty old and everybody did a review of already I'll just go through some basics:

1) Roboto is super cool.
2) His shoulders are reversed, I don't really care.
3) He's wearing purple underwear.
4) The gears on his chest rotate when you move his waist, his mouth doesn't open.
5) He comes with four hand attachments, a gun, a claw, an axe and a regular hand.
6) Purple underwear!
7) You can't store the attachments in his body. Lame.
8) He's got a heart-shaped chip in his chest to reflect his He-Man mini comic appearance.
9) Some parts are reused but there's enough new tooling to keep me quiet.
10) He's got purple underwear! Why are you ignoring this? This cannot be ignored! The robot is wearing PURPLE UNDERWEAR!!!
12) The paint apps were pretty precise with some minor bleeding hre and there, nothing important.
11) He looks great despite the choice color of some of his parts.
12) They are purple.

And that's about it. But let me explain why I love Roboto. As a little Freak, and a MOTU enthusiast, Roboto was the one that got away. I never owned one, but a friend of mine did. And I hated that bastard! At that point I wasn't that much into magic anymore, but was getting really into Science fiction, the literary genre my dad loved the most and the one he taught me to love.

Roboto was the perfect combination of my past and my present at that time and I really wanted Roboto. He was sooooo awesome. But I didn't have one. So I grew up bitter and twisted and never played with toys again.

Not really.

Actually I grew up as a toy loving geek and made sure to get every version of Roboto ever! Ha! Take that Universe!

That's a life lesson right there...

And sepaking of Robot parts, Stephen, the winner of our Bionic contest got his prize (a Bionic Bjoern from Hauke Scheer) already and he's showing off too! Hate him here.

Until next time.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

that ROCKS!

jboypacman said...

Love the 200x Roboto am hoping to find some more the 200x line i figures this year on my hunts i kind of dig the stylized look to them. : )