Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Creating the Plastic League

I added 9 more figures to my Justice league display:

Superman (DCD Trinity); Zatanna (DCD Identity Crisis); Red Tornado (DCD Justice) and Firestorm, Flash and Hawkman (DCUC).


Wonder Woman (DCD Wonder Woman)


Despero, or as we'll call him from now on: L-Ron (DCD Superman/Batman)

Also the DCUC Atom, but I don't have an individual picture, so perhaps a group shot we'll be enough:


Alberto Martos López said...

Bueeena colección ahí. Me alegra haber descubierto tu blog. Lo seguiré de cerca a partir de ahora.
Saludos desde España.

Freak Studios said...

Que bueno saber que alguien lee esto. Lo empecé a hacer más para mí que otra cosa. Me alegro que te guste. ¿Algún lugar donde podamos ver la tuya?

Alberto Martos López said...

Ya te avisaré cuando me organice un poco, haga unas fotos y las cuelgue en mi blog. Salud.

Anonymous said...

Dude, your collection looks awesome; the diverse body types and designs are refreshing.

And I LOVE that Trinity Superman; he needs to have a clean sculpt without too much articulation uglying it up.

Great blog, man!

Freak Studios said...

Alberto: Dale, me encantaría ver tu colección.

Monte: Great stuff you have there on your site mate, love the outdoor pics. Specially the ones with the Neca ninja turtles.
I wasn't sure about the Trinity Superman at first, but now I think he's perfect. from the look of his face to the movement in the cape, and also in the lack of definition of the muscles. Everything is just right.