Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cool presents of 2010: JLU's Holy Grail

Is that what I think it is?

I mean, it looks like it...

But, can it be?

Because, I guess it looks like a JLU Green Lantern Hal Jordan, only 100 or so were made by Mattel for their employees as a X-Mas present and it is almost impossible to get...

So, is that what I think it is?

Of course not, silly, it's not. But it sure looks like it.

Actually what you see here is a custom Hal Jordan specially commissioned by a friend of mine. And now he's a proud part of my collection. Aside from a few inconsistencies in the paint (and the fact that the head is glued to the body), this Hal Jordan looks perfect, shinny and fits perfectly with the rest of the JLU Corps.

What a better way to start my "Cool presents of 2010" week?

And if you are thinking that this Hal Jordan looks way better than the one Mattel gave us as a way to keep us quiet. You would be right my friend, you would be so right.

Until next time.


Stephen said...

That's a really nice custom. I totally thought you'd managed to get your hands on one of the Mattel ones for a minute. And that toy at the bottom, is it REALLY meant to be Hal Jordan, 'cuz its looks horrible!

Freak Studio said...

Yeah, he's supposed to be a young Hal Jordan in his test pilot years. Stupid, right?

Stephen said...

Extremely. From that pic, the figure would've been better served as Guy Gardner instead. That haircut is horrible.