Thursday, March 24, 2011

How do you call the love child of Grizzlor and Buzz-Off?


OK, OK... Sorry.

I'm trying to pick up the pace in my MOTU Classics reviews, so I tried mixing to very different figures under one title.

But there are other thing that these characters have in common, for starters the Bio writers tried to be funny with their real names: Buzz-Off is "Tzzzzt zz zzTTTzz" and Grizzlor is "Gur'rull Gu'rrooowarrrk"... Really, Bio writers? Really? OK, nice try... But you should leave the funny part to guys like me. Why? Because the stupid joke I opened the post with will only last a post... And it will not be printed in every fucking package the figure is in... That's why!

Anyway, I'll start with Grizzlor.

I owned (a never truly liked) Grizzlor when I was a kid. He was like a fur ball with arms and legs and therefore, not very threatening. The lack of shape of the body was a turn down for me, because, let's face it, he didn't even look like a bear... He was more like the Pink Panther after coming out of the washing machine...

The 200X MOTU staction of Grizzlor improved greatly on the original design by adding shape and a shit load of weapons. The new one, sadly, didn't evolve as much.

(But he did rocked some serious Son-Goku hair)

There's not much to say about Grizzlor other than "he's the furry dude". The face sculpt is great and I like the added loincloth, a detail absent from the vintage and present in the staction that gives him some definition to his body.

But Grizzlor really kicks some serious ass in the weapons department, his got axes, machetes, knives and a Horde cross-bow! The best part is that everything can be stored in his back-pack. Each weapon is sculpted very well and looks great on him. I will display it with the little axe, because is different than the other weapons on the line.

At home, the one that got really excited with Grizzlor was my wife, because only she, with years and years of Barbie experience, was able to comb Grizzlor's fur into this stylish new hairdo...

Buzz-Off is a different story, I really liked this figure when I was a kid. He wasn't my favorite, not by a long shot, but I always had a soft spot for him.

The sculpt is great, I'm OK with the reused parts from Whiplash, the paint really gives him a new personality with no need for more extra tooling than what he has. He comes with his helmet and two weapons, but I'll display him without them.

I don't like the helmet for nostalgic reasons, I didn't really liked how the vintage helmet looked in the figure. Plus, the color of the eyes makes him pop on the shelf. I won't display him with weapons (he comes with two of them), because why would you need a tiny axe having razor sharp claws?

The sad part is that paint wise my Buzz-Off had some QC issues. The paint in the eyes, for example, wasn't very good.

The best parts of Buzz-Off (vintage and classic) are his wings. Casted in clear plastic and using ball joints in tha back, I just love how they look. And all the cool display options you have with them. He can stand easily even with his wings open, and that's great.

I said it before, and I'll say it again, I loved Buzz-Off as a kid because he was one of the very few monsters the heroic warriors had on their side on the first three waves of MOTU. In Argentina those were the biggest waves, the fourth with Sy-Klone, Roboto and Moss-man wasn't as popular as the others, and some characters were harder to find.

But I say this so often is time to prove my point, so here it is, a list of all heroic warrior from the first three waves:

He-Man - Magically altered human.
Man-at-arms - Mustache wielding human.
Stratos - Some sort of flying almost human creature? Flying ape? He looked human.
Teela - Hot human.
Man-E-Faces - Altered schizophrenic human.
Ram-man - Mutated and mentally challenged human.
Fisto - Altered human. Possibly chronic masturbator.
Mekaneck - Altered human with useless power.
Prince Adam - Sissy human.
Orko - Non-human. Annoying and useless in battle.
Buzz-Off - Honest to God monster.

Now I'll just have to think something else these characters have in common so I can close the review... Oh, yeah, this:

Until next time.


jboypacman said...

Excellent figures Tom i really need to get more Masters figures this year.

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Ha Ha! :D