Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm telegraphing today's post...


Because it's about nostalgia - STOP - Because it brings me back memories from a distant past - STOP - Because it's about a figure I should have posted a long time ago - STOP - And basically because I have little time today - STOP

Today's figure - STOP STOP STOP (those are suspension points, I have no idea how to make those in Morse code, sorry) - She-Ra from the Masters of the Universe Classics line - STOP

And she's many figures in one - STOP

Let's look at several possible She-Ras -STOP / STOP (that's a colon, again, sorry)

With this head - STOP - Is the best toy representation of the character - STOP - Ever - STOP - The first She-Ra was quite ugly and the 200X was completely different from the rest of the line - STOP - I mean, she had hair - STOP - HAIR - EXCLAMATION MARK - The rest of the characters didn't - STOP -

I don't like doll hair on my toys - STOP - Makes them feel all girlie an stuff - STOP - Oh, I'll comb it, sure - STOP - But I won't be happy about it - STOP

With this head - STOP - The figure just looks stupid - STOP - With the shinny tiara - SLASH - mask she looks odd with the rest of the line - STOP - Other than that, is the same figure - STOP - Without the tiara comes the horror - DUN DUN DUN (that's for the dramatic effect, and no, it doesn't work in a non telegraphic post either...)

That's a fucking hole in her head - EXCLAMATION MARK - At least I could finally reenact South Park with MOTUC figures - STOP

As you may have guessed, the hole head goes right to the accessories box - STOP - Until the day I want to customize a zombie She-Ra - STOP - Hey, that may not be such a bad idea - STOP - Right - QUESTION MARK

By the way, in case you didn't noticed, I cheated, I used commas - STOP


... - .- -.-- / - ..- -. . -..

(That should say "Stay tuned" in Morse code, man, I hope that online translator was telling the truth)