Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The adventures of Tiger Batman around the World - Part I

Following the example of several Garden Gnome Liberation Groups, I decided to take an action figure to my trip to the great city of San Francisco.

The figure of choice was the little Batman that came with the Gorilla Grodd set from the Action League line (review pending).

This guy:

I called him Tiger Batman because of the stripes in the suit. So, I took him with me on the trip and took photos and here they are:

Tiger Batman in Japan Town, in front of the Peace Plaza.

"Hmm, sushi, I need the Bat-Chopsticks!"

Tiger Batman in Castro Street.

"I'm sure I saw Robin around here somewhere..."

Tiger Batman and the Golden Gate Bridge in a foggy San Francisco afternoon:

"I can't see a Bat-shit in this fog, what is this? London?"

Tiger Batman in China Town:

"I saw a cool Bruce Lee statue, but it was too expensive, even for The Batman"

And finally Tiger Batman fighting his most deadly foe in The Cheese Cake Factory:

"Damn you Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheese Cake! You'll never beat me!"

And that's it. I decided to take Tiger Batman with me in every trip I make. If I go on another trip AND if I remember to take him with there will be more parts of this exciting series of a toy Superhero and guy a little too fond of his toys.

Until next time. Na na na na na na na na na na Tiger Batman!


Bubbashelby said...

Haha Robin at the Castro - I get it ;)

Freak Studio said...

Hahahaha, it's obvious that you're a local.