Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dawn of the Dead

Since the first wave of DC Direct's Blackest Night line I was tempted with one idea: create a display for the Black Lantern Corpse (how come nobody thought of this name before?) or as I like to call them the Justice Zombies.

But when the line started I never bought them and the BLC display stayed just as another crazy idea in my head. I intend to correct that now, I cleared some shelves at home and just when I was wondering what was I going to do with the extra shelf I saw a killer auction for the figures of Blackest Night wave 1 (very hard to get nowadays).

And I ended up getting three of them... Wait, I only wanted the Dead Superman, how the Hell did that happen?

I'll explain.

Well... I knew Atrocitus was cool, all the pics and reviews said he was. But when I saw it in person I just loved it. He truly is rage personified. The sculpt is great and the metallic red really makes him stand up. I'm still not sure if I like that the neck armor and shoulder pads are a separate piece (it even has a slightly different shade of red), but since I just want Atrocitus to stand there and look angry, I guess it's OK.

Zombie Superman is just as great as he sounds. He's a zombie Superman (from Earth II, but still close). I'm not usually a fan of pre-posed figures, but I really dig the crouching and the weird angle of the feet on this one. He just says "zombie" in every inch of plastic. The black suit also works very well. Can't wait to get Martian Manhunter and Aquaman.

I have to admit, Saint Walker kinda snuck up on me. I wasn't planning on getting him, but I needed an excuse to get Atrocitus and the display of one lantern of each color sounded good enough at the time. The figure is very well executed and I like the sculpt and the color scheme, even if it's way less impressive than the other two. I guess he's just not as impressive as a character.

Plus, if I ever get tired of him I can make a pretty decent Earthworm Jim custom out of that head...

So, at the end of the day, I only skipped Boodikka's green cyborg ass. She just wasn't what I'm looking for. I won't be buying every figure in this line, but you can bet I'll keep rounding the Rainbow Force and the Black Lantern Corpse for an epic battle in my shelf.

Another thing I liked about Saint Walker is that he doesn't look very hopeful at all... In fact he looks kinda worried about something...

Can you blame him?

Until next time. BLACK LANTERN CORPSE! I should really do a theme song for them...

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chrismandesign said...

hey Black Lanterns !!! & a bit of another colour Lanterns too... i must say those r impressive figures (i guess someday i’ll read the comics, so i’ll have the complete panorama) & the fellow collector who provides my figures, show me some of them (even sets that r not available in specialized webstores) but i decided to pass from them, since i prefer the zombies from Marvel (not even the Black Lantern Batman shock my senses & that’s so much to say) nevertheless it’s definitely a worthy adquisition for u, so my sincere congrat for that... =)