Thursday, July 1, 2010

Planet Birthday

As I mentioned in my last post, my birthday was the day before father's day. And it was quite an occasion in my life, a very important birthday, since I turned 30. I was so moved by this that my girlfriend got me a stripper.


She did.


This is, of course, Cherry Darling from NECA. Cherry was the main character in Robert Rodriguez' masterpiece (yes, there, I said it) Planet Terror. Cherry was portrayed by Rose McGowan and the figure, while is not nearly as perfect as it could have been, does have a pretty good resemblance to her.

The sculpt is great as you already expected from the good people at NECA but this again suffers from the non-articulation syndrome. This figure is so non-articulated that I'm a little uncomfortable calling it an action figure. Staction would be, perhaps, a little better. I know the word is horrible, but is better than "actatue" or "stagure"...

Cherry does come with a base, lucky us 'cause is the only way to get her to stand, and an interchangeable leg. Here's the leg with a couple of Justice Plastic Man legs for comparison (this also made me write the weirdest comic I've ever come up with...)

As I mentioned before in this blog, I have an arrangement with my girlfriend, since it's really hard for her to keep track of what Action Figure I'm looking for at any given moment, I promised not to buy movie related toys so she can get me those as presents. So far, this worked perfectly.

I loved Planet Terror and I love the idea behind Cherry Darling, a regular person that lost a limb to Evil and replaced it with... Wait a second! I've heard that story before in B class movies... She's not the first is she? I wonder if they have anonymous meetings to support each other...

Until next time.

(I got a stripper for my birthday, what did YOU get?)

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chrismandesign said...

hehehe i love this kind of movies too... serie "B"... "B" of "Beware with guts flying over ur head & all around"... in fact Planet Terror was a tribute to all that freaking-low- budget movies that r a treasure for experts... oh, that Cherry looks like a pretty-deadly-sexy-bom-bom & even bearing in mind that i’m not a fan of NECA, this staction figure really worths while... very appealing to me...