Friday, August 6, 2010

Ode to Orko

The AFB Forum is having a sweet contest that may allow you to win a Matty Exclusive Orko (Non SDCC) or a PLastic Man (Without suitcase). Since both items sold out from their webpage (how weird is that?), this might be one of the only ways to get them without e-paying your ass off.

What do you have to do to win? Just be a little creative, and try to come up with something funny to say: write and Ode to Orko or a Plea for Plastic Man, whatever dudes, you are creative and I know it.

I wrote a poem in the style of my favorite rapper: Dr. Seuss (East Side represent!).

And here it is:

"Ode to Orko" a poem with toys by Freak Studio

With Bwana Beast in the role of Freak Studio
And narrated (in your imagination) by Sir Ian McKellen


LEon said...

wow! That's a classic Orko! Still in good condition somemore!

Freak Studio said...

That's not just A classic Orko, that was actually my old Orko. He's one of the figures I was able to keep from my original collection when I was a child.
Cool huh?