Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A thought about art & toys

Let me start with a little digression:

Lets say you are a guy with some interest in art, lets say is the 1920s and lets assume the Internet exists. You, as a Man from the World start to check out those new forums about the things you are interested in and stumble across one called, it was created buy a guy called Mr_Bretontastic001 when he wrote the first post and forum manifesto. You decide to check out the forum, the members are one crazy bunch but they are cool and funny so you register, choose a nick that you thought was incredibly witty and edgy and you start posting too... Mostly pics of melting kittens with misspelled words as captions, you are so clever, you!

But then you check out the "Sell 'em, Trade 'em Rainbow Monkey Fish" board (hey, they were surrealists), and there you find the work of a pretty cool dude from Spain that calls himself Salvador_Dalicious. He's working on some lithographs, a very limited run, no more than 50 pieces and he's selling them. You like them so you buy a couple. After that Mr_Bretontastic001 bans Salvador_Dalicious for trolling, and somebody signs a urinal and everything goes to Hell.

But you get the art pieces, and they are great, and you know that maybe the World doesn't know it yet, but that is nothing but great art.

Well, I felt that way today, when I went to the Post Office and picked up a huge box that contained these:

These are the first three figures designed by the German artist Hauke Scheer (his site here), Hauke is a multi talented artist that not only created these characters but also did some animation and gave them a mythos of their own. These are also limited to 50 pieces.

U.R.I.NAL 9000 was the first figure that caught my eye, and the first I decided to get. Because it's a robot, it's a urinal, and it's just so insane that it can't not be great. Not a lot of backstory here, U.R.I.NAL 9000 is a machine built to fulfill mankind needs to relieve themselves in civilized way. And clean your hands afterwards, check the top of the head:

The sculpt is great, incredibly original. The black paint apps have some minor issues but it doesn't affect the figure as a whole. A thing that caught me completely by surprise is the weight of the figure and the quality of the materials. It's incredibly solid.

This guy's name is Dick Satisfaction. Yep, now I can say I ordered some Dick Satisfaction and paid with Paypal... I'd feel a bit ashamed if this figure didn't pack so much awesome. He's a hairless genetically altered wolfman bounty hunter from another dimension. If that didn't get you going, you really need some Dick Satisfaction.

He comes with a base that doesn't need, since he stands perfectly on his own, and with a disembodied victim head. Again the sculpt is amazing as is the attention to detail. Oh, did I mention the grenades attached to his nipples? I must have mentioned the nipple grenades...

And last but certainly not least is Callamorr:

I wasn't sure if I was going to get this figure. And I would be kicking myself in the crotch if I didn't because is my favorite of the bunch. The sculpt here is absolutely incredible, the paint is sharp and the concept is great. Go to Sheer's page to see the other characters that are coming.

Until next time.

(You may notice the lack of the silly toys comic in this post. I decided that since all I can think is nipple grenade jokes, I better stay out of this one).


LEon said...

hey thanks for introducing these toys.

Forum have lots of trolls and some wracko who think they are the best everywhere. So it is best not to even lurk at forums if you really have time to kill.

As for the toys, the coloring and quality are good. How much was it?

the space wanderer said...

the artist are amazing.

AAAGGGHHH!!! said...

These are awesome! I especially like Callamorr, he looks like a Quintesson from tranformers. Great sculpts, great imagination and a great investment!

fishmilkshake said...

I just don't know where to begin....

Monsterforge said...

Hauke is a fantastic toy designer and a really cool dude as well. He's surprisingly humble for the amount of talent he has. I am in love with that urinal robot... that is seriously one of the coolest things I have ever seen... I mentioned to him that he needs to make a variant one with pee stains, and he said something like that was possibly in the works already... OH YEAH!!!

Scott said...

That B'wana Beast joke really made me laugh!

Freak Studio said...

Leon: I disagree forums are great places to know people that share your interests. Yes there's the occasional troll, but without forums I wouldn't have found these figures. Go to to see costs and shipping of the figures.

Space Wanderer: Yes, they are. I want to see your stuff too! Welcome to the blog!

AAAGGGHHH!!!: Callamorr is incredible. I can't believe I almost didn't order it.

FMS: I know, right?

Monsterforge: A U.R.I.Nal 9000 that's been used, I don't know if I can handle that concept... Lol.

Scott: You know there are two things I can't resist, one is Bwana Beast the other is nipple grenade jokes!