Sunday, September 12, 2010

Montreal Haul!

No, I did not go to Montreal, although, that would have been a good excuse to explain my lack of posting lately. sadly, there's no excuse, just a lot of work and a Freak Studio too tired to sit down and write jokes about toys.

But the amount of toys and toy pics I have now, annoys me, and since I usually put the toys in their displays after I've posted about them, I'll better start posting again before I die in toy-valanche.

To explain the title: My dad had to go to Montreal, my dad is a doctor, but he also loves art and is a quite talented artist himself. He didn't really get toy collecting, but he did understand me and I finally convinced him that art toys are a true art form that has to be aknowledge (I also gave him an Andy Warhol figurine that changed his mind a little bit).

Now we usually talk about toys and artist, so, when he went to Montreal and found a designer toy shop there, he asked for a guy I mentioned like a thousand million times: Joe Ledbetter, and he got me these:

The haul consist in two incredibly different pieces of Ledbetter's unique art. Slander snake and Toxic Swamp Dog.

The orange Toxic Swamp Dog (and the only one I'm going to have, I'm not a fan of colorways, so I just get the design in the color I like the most, since this was a present I'm keeping orange as my favorite) is made in one of Toy2r platforms and I have to admit is quite massive.

And when I say massive, I mean it:

I think this is a fun piece, but I have a bit of a problem with Joe Ledbetter doing platforms: His art is so different that he really needs a special sculpt in order to show his designs.

Toxic Swamp Dog is cute, but I don't really like it as much as the other toy my dad got me: Slander Snake.

Here you can see why Ledbetter is so special: he makes his 3D designs look like 2D. And I love that about him, first, because I think it looks great, second, because nobody does nothing quite like it.

Something similar to what happened with Toxic Swamp Dog happened here: My dad got the purple Slander, so Slanders, for me, are now officially purple.

Another great thing about this sculpt is that you can open it to reveal...

The snake's dinner. Gross... But kinda cute (my mom actually thought it was an egg...)

I'll try to get my hands into more Joe Ledbetter toys. But I'll try to find the ones with the specific sculpt before I get the others that are just painted platforms.

Until next time.

(After I explained my mom what that little ball in the snake's stomach was, she decided the figure wasn't cute anymore)


fishmilkshake said...

Love 'em!

krakit said...

Ha ha ha I enjoyed reading
the part about your mom
finding out about the
snake's food in its belly.