Monday, November 15, 2010

The adventures of Tiger Batman around the World - Part II

Hey everybody! I'm back from my honeymoon, and do you know what that means?

Yes, more Tiger Batman around the World pics for you!

This time I went to my neighbor country of Uruguay and two cities: Montevideo (the Capital) and Punta del Este (roughly translated as Eastern Point, a coast city). I love this country very much as I spent several summers with my family there.

There's not a lot of pics because, well, it was my honeymoon dammit!

Tiger Batman and the four meat mistery dish in the Hotel Buffet with Montevideo in the background. Holly Cholesterol Batman!

Tiger Batman in the Punta del Este pier, the high season is yet to begin so, not a lot happening right now, but imagine this filled with luxury yatchs I'll never be able to afford.

Tiger Batman and the pool of our Hotel, not too shabby I must say...

And finally, Tiger Batman and the Drowning Man's hand in Punta del Este. You can't save everybody Batman!

There was also a pic of Tiger Batman and the Casino Slot Machine that was avoided by Casino Security. My hysterical screams that he was the Goddam Batman, therefore, not a threat to the Casino didn't impress them at all. I still won a shit load of money, just to show them.

I'll resume regular posting on the blog now that the wedding is done.

Until next time.


fishmilkshake said...

Great pics FS! Hope you, the lovely new wife and Tiger Batman had a blast?

Freak Studio said...

WE did! But Tiger Batman kept ordering room service and the bill was a fortune!