Sunday, November 21, 2010

You are the wind beneath my nightwings

Quick superhero toy update: For quite some time now I wanted a new Nightwing figure for my Batman display. The one I had was the Superman/Batman DC Direct figure based on the art of Ed McGuinness.

And he looked like this:

As I said before, I like Ed McGuinness style for some characters, but I don't think it particularly works for everybody. The second after I bought this figure I regretted it, 'cause Nightwing (in my geeky mind) is not a super muscular guy, he's more like an acrobat. Plus, I didn't buy (and never will) an Ed McGuinness Batman figure, so Nightwing was actually bigger than Batman and that makes no sense. NO SENSE I TELL YOU!!!

My wife tries to tell me these are not real people, so I shouldn't care that much... I know, she's crazy, right?

The Nightwing I really wanted was the one that came with the Hush series 2 in 2004, but that figure was so good that sold out quickly and I couldn't find it anywhere in Argentina. The only time I saw it on sale was incredibly expensive. So I had to pass. And wait.

This year, DC Direct decided to reissue that figure (along with the First Appearance Nightwing from 2005) for a series of two-packs called DC Origins. And buying those two figures was actually cheaper than getting the original 2004 Hush NIghtwing. The rest, as they say, is math...

Both figures were repainted with the metallic colors DC Direct discovered recently (they think that by using those color we forget that these are actually used sculpts, no DC Direct, we don't forget). But in a character like Nightwing, I think the shinny paint is kinda cool.

This is the Nightwing I won't be using for the Batman display. He's wearing the original costume, and for a while, in the 90s I thought that costume was cool. Why? Basically, because it wasn't his old Robin costume with the pixie boots and green speedos. So, a bag of potatoes would have been a cooler costume than that (for a guy in his mid-20s or so).

Still, I like this figure, because it's silly, and it's smiling and has an almost innocent feel to it. Not a bunch of articulation, but stands well on it's own and that's all I really care. No issues with the paint either.

Now, this is the figure I wanted. I really like this costume and Tim Gunn approved it too, so, hey, if Tim Gunn says it's OK, then who am I to argue? The figure is basically one color except for the face and the light blue stripe. The sculpt is great, but now he's a serious, serious guy. The paint is quite accurate, but not perfect, and that's a shame. But he still looks great.

Dc Direct is not announcing a lot of things that interest me, so I'll continue to cherry pick their lines as I cherry pick most of my toys... Hmm now I want cherries... Cherries were not my favorite fruit when I was a kid... But well, time changes us... And speaking of that:

Until next time.


Stephen said...

I've LOLed at that comic for the past five minutes. So true.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

That's funny :D
...i dig those figures, Man

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