Monday, November 1, 2010

Spooky Halloween post is not spooky and late

Hello guys and girls. First of all I want to apologize for not posting anything in the last month. The fact is (here's where I open my life to you oh anonymous Internet crowd), I'm getting married tomorrow. And planning the party (that's happening this friday, baby) was terrible. I had to order a whole crate of Soylent green and also had to buy some plutonium from some Lybian terrorist (we can't get plutonium in any corner drugstore like in 1985, y'know?) and also bringing that Goddamn Bruce Wayne back to the present so he can attend. It's really hard work, let me tell you.

But after this, everything will be good and back to (almost) normal.

I wanted to make a Halloween post so, today I'll be reviewing The Mummy from the Universal Monsters line...

Hey. Wait a minute... That's not the Mummy... Wait here, I have to go slap an intern.



OK, I'm back. So, like I said, today I'll be reviewing Negative Man from DC Universe Classics wave 13.

This figure is simple, the base buck with a few minor alterations and new head and hands. Negative man had to use the bandages because he was radioactive (like that plutonium I mentioned, and you thought I was rambling). I love the Doom Patrol, being kinda freaky myself I just love the idea of weird and strange looking heroes defending a world that fears them while taking orders from a guy in a wheelchair... Yep that doesn't sound familiar at all.

Jokes aside, I love this group (and yes, they were created before the X-Men), I thank Mattel for the chance to get them in figure form for the first time. Now all I need is a C&C Elasti-girl and a Chief in wheelchair. And I'd like to point out that if I don't get them I'll be pretty pissed off.

I hope that the inclusion of the Doom Patrol in Batman: The Brave and the Bold boosts the chances of a complete Doom Patrol soon.

By the way, if you're not watching Batman: The Brave and the Bold, do it. It's awesome!

In conclusion, Negative Man is a nice figure, simple and to the point. On his own is not mind blowing, but as a potential part of the Doom Patrol he's great!

Oh, and for those of you who asked (nobody really asked), here's a Halloween joke with an obscure reference for you!

Until next time.


Scott said...

I hope your wedding is wonderful and your life together is much better!

fishmilkshake said...

Hahah! It's funny for you see he has bandages like a mummy.

All the best for the wedding buddy!