Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The results are in!!!

OK, Hauke wrote to me and send me the results, I'll let him do the talk from now on. I decided to illustrate the winning comments, but since it is the end of the month and I'm kinda broke I couldn't hire any actual artists and had to do it myself. You'll (probably) forgive me.

Winner: Stephen

His entry:
Being a toy collector, I'd replace my rectum with a cash machine so that I could literally poop money on demand, to either A.) support my habit or B.) go cold turkey when no one will accept the money.

Hauke said:
This one made me laugh the most. A money pooping cyborg sounds like something that could actually fit in with some of my own work. :-)

(Bad) artist's depiction:

Second place: Fishmilkshake

His entry:
What is the forehead good for? Absolutely nothing. I'd make better use of the space and have a frickin' laser beam implanted. First order of business...bad service at retail stores.

Hauke said:
This is another answer where I immediately saw some weird character in my mind blasting away aliens with a huge ridiculous forehead laser.

I doodled:

Last comment from Hauke:
It was really hard to choose the two winners. Honorary mentions go to krakit, 3B, brobles and Bubbashelby. You guys almost made it.

So STEPHEN is the winner and he'll get an awesome Bionic Bjoern from Hauke Scheer. And what is the surprise bionic prize for the runner up?


A carded Fuerza T Tekno. Only the finest Argentinean copyright infringement Masters of the Universe rip-off line.

Both the winner and the runner up must send me their info to funforfreak@gmail.com

There will be more contests in the near future, I'm cooking some great prizes for you. Thanks for entering and for all the incredible comments. I wouldn't have been able to pick a winner myself.

Until next time.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Ha hA :D
NICE drawings!

krakit said...

Congratulations to Stephen
and Fishmilkshake!!

Stephen, your idea and Freak
Studios illustration gives
the phrase "cash flow" a
whole different meaning. Ha ha ha

Thanks for the honorable mention,
Hauke! Yeehaw! :D

Saranga said...

congrats to the winners! and the artist, very good.

fishmilkshake said...

Wow! That's awesome. Thanks so much to everyone and a huge congrats to Stephen.

Stephen said...

Poop jokes never fail lol. That FS picture is awesome btw, really like it! Oh, and email is on the way :)

jboypacman said...

Big congrats to Stephen and Fishmilkshake. : )