Sunday, March 18, 2012

League Business: My Blockbuster

This week's assignment, if you were a big time Hollywood producer, what Blockbuster would you put your money into.

As you would expect, I chose a geeky one.

A comic based movie with my favorite dynamic duo:

That's right! Blue Beetle and Booster Gold.

This is a project I often talked about with a friend. He says the time for this movie and the people I want to cast in it has passed. I say there's still time.

Of course this is not going to be a super-hero action film, oh, is going to have action of course, but it's also a comedy, and a buddy movie. After all, stuff like this happened in the comics all the time:

(Before Ted's death that is...)

So, we have a blonde guy and shorter dark haired guy, who are friends and also funny... I have seen people like that somewh... Oh, wait...

Yeah, they might be a bit older now, but this movie doesn't really need them to be young. And as bad as Starsky and Hutch was, you know how funny they can be when they are funny.

As writers of the movie (I won't do it this time, I'm the producer, dammit!) I'd call Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis. The guys responsible for me loving this pair of losers/comedians/heroes. And Ben Stiller himself, to help translate the story into cinematic form.

As director I would call Gore Verbinski. Why? Because he directed Pirates of the Caribbean, so I know he can handle adventure and special effects, but he also directed Mouse Hunt, so you know he can do comedy too.

I really want to see this movie. What do you say Booster?

Couldn't have said it better.


Unknown said...

Love it Tom! I would so go see this.

Brian (Cool & Collected) said...

Out of all the ideas presented this week, I can actually see this one happening. This has the makings of an excellent buddy comedy.