Friday, October 30, 2009

Day of the dead

I decided to celebrate Halloween with toys. This is not an original idea, I saw it in articulated discussion, at first I decided not to do anything about Halloween, but since I found these figures today I guess I really have no choice...

Alex Ross' Kingdom Come Spectre and Deadman from DCD (Elseworlds series 2, 2006 and Kingdom Come series 3, 2004).

Let's start with the first: Spectre is... Well, a spectre. But not any spectre, he's the spectre of revenge. I guess the spectre of tea and biscuits was not scary enough. Let's just say that when you are in the underworld and a demon asks what spectre are you is better to say you're the spectre of revenge, or the spectre of punk or at least the spectre of sharp pointy things, than to say, for example that you are the spectre of water lilies, or the spectre of pancakes and don't even get me started in the spectre of Christmas pasts, what a loser.

But I digress (apparently that's all I do in this blog), Spectre is more a statue than an action figure, he's articulated but the cape really restrains movement and articulation. Besides being a DCD figure from 2006 the articulation wasn't as impressive as DCUC today standards. Plus he has a black base that really allows Spectre to be in the background of your display kinda levitating behind everyone else. Creepy right?

Spectre is (barely) dressed under the cape, just some green underwear... Which is weird considering he's the spectre of revenge and not the spectre of dead male models (that would be Derek Zoolander). Let's just say that dressing up like Spectre for Halloween is the best ticket to jail and probably a restraining order to keep you away from schools and playgrounds.

Also, he looks like he's wearing lip and eye make-up. I guess we're lucky he's not the spectre of Emo kids, but on the other hand he kinda looks like a dead Robert Smith and that is fairly awesome.

“I don't care if the XVII century's blue / the XVIII century’s grey and the XIX too / XX century I don't care about you / it's the XI century I'm in love”

Dead Man was a daredevil that used the stage name "Dead Man" even when he was alive. That's just plain stupid, is like being a car racer and call yourself "Crash" or being a paramedic that goes by the name "Too late". If I were a daredevil in a freakish circus act I would call myself "The guy that can't possibly die". Any other option is just calling out for bad karma leftovers.

Anyway, this Dead Man is one more reason to drop to your knees and thank Mr. Alex Ross for being such an egotistical bastard. In Kingdom Come Alex Ross thought he had to re-create every character he could in the DC Universe into a twisted variation of themselves. But Dead Man was already twisted, he was pale and kinda rotting, but guess what? Not only his idea of Dead Man as a skeleton was great, but we also got an incredible action figure out of it.

I'm waiting for the DCUC's more traditional version of Dead Man, but somehow, I don't think that is going to top this one.


And finally I got for you a last scare. A creature so vile I couldn't show it in the first picture. This one...

He just stays there, looking at you, staring at your soul, looking exactly like your uncle Greg looked before getting drunk at your birthday party and throwing up all over the cake. Yes, he looks just that creepy.

Happy Halloween everybody.

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