Friday, October 23, 2009

In justice for all

It's time for me to return to my one true love: Superhero toys. I have five new additions to my (extended) JLI display. First I got DCD Crisis on Infinite Earths Huntress from Earth II (man, that's a long name for a toy).

It's true that the Huntress that was a member of the Giffen league wasn't this one, this is the daughter of an alternate Earth's Batman and Catwoman. So now you know, if you ever cross a bat and a cat you won't get a lame Dr. Seuss rhyme, you will get a hot girl in a swimsuit and a cape. Try to top that Japanese writers! (actually I'm sure they did top it).

The thing is that from all the 6' Huntress figures out there (that would be 2 figures total), this one did look a lot like the one in JLI.

And then I got this four figures, probably my most anticipated wave of the year:

Yes, DCD JLI wave 2. This figures captured so well the spirit of that run of the Justice League that I love them all (although I love Booster a little bit more than the others).

Booster Gold is one of my top 3 favorite comic book heroes. Since JLI #4 back when I was a kid I loved this character so much, and I was oh so pleased with his current evolution in his own series. He's great in cartoons too both JLU (The Greatest Story Never Told is one of the best episodes of that season) and Batman Brave and the Bold. And here, the sculptors took a chance, something DCD hardly does, and tried to give the character a goofy smile and two thumbs up and they nailed not only a great figure, but also everything the character stands for in my head.

This is probably my favorite figure of the year so far.

"If my smile was any bigger I would swallow my ears"

Then you have Booster Best Buddy Blue Beetle (wow, that's a lot of "B", for short this figure will be now called "BBBBB"), he looks great and the goggles didn't have any issues as I read in complaints is several blogs like AFB.

Again the sculptor decided to make him... Well... Bigger... Around the waist area, yes, that's it.

"That's not me, the costume shrunk, really"

What? You don't believe that's what a superhero would say? Think again:

Martian Manhunter has a great addition: An Oreo. That would be enough for me, but his facial expression is amazing too. The only thing that bothers me about this figure is the huge legs. It's like, being a shape shifter, when MM was trying to look more "human" the only models available were a bunch of guys on heavy horse steroids. Still is good to have him show all those muscles, specially when sided with BBBBB (I had to use that sometime).

"In order of appearance: Eyebrow, Oreo, Thighs"

And finally Fire. Is funny how in the League they started calling her an exhibitionist AFTER she started wearing pants. But anyway, is a nice looking figure, although I'm not entirely convinced with her face. She still looks hot enough to display her with a cool looking Ice (get it?).

In DC HQ 27 years ago:

"- I know, we'll make the most geographically cliché super group...
- What do you mean?
- Y'know like... Global Guardians, each being a cliché of their respective countries...
- Like...?
- I don't know, like a Japanese guy that has solar powers and is called Rising Sun!
- Oh I see, like a guy from Ireland, right? And he's name is Jack O' Lantern.
- And he's like Green Lantern, but with an actual lantern!
- Genius! And what about Africa?
- I don't know, a Zulu warrior or something...
- Might work, and get this: an ice girl from Norway!
- Yes, 'cause they have a lot of ice... And Australia?
- Tasmanian Devil...
- Like the animal?
- Yep...
- They are from Tasmania.
- Tasmania is part of Australia.
- Oh, how about South America?
- What's in South America?
- Brazil, Argentina...
- OK, Brazilian people are fiery, so... a sexy model that... vomits fire, or something... And in Argentina you have Gauchos, I saw it in a Disney cartoon...
- What the fuck is a Gaucho?
- They are like... I don't know... Like Batman.
- Really? Cool!"

It was 1982 people, Wikipedia was far far away.

But for the record... Yes, Gauchos are like Batman.


fishmilkshake said...

Great figures! Let's hope we get some extended characters from the JLI and JLE era like Crimson Fox!

Freak Studios said...

Yeah, Crimson Fox is a must. I don't even dream of having a Silver Sorceress or a Blue Jay...

DrNightmare said...


Lol, I've been meaning to read this comic run, I keep hearing how funny it was.

Freak Studios said...

Thanks Doc! So glad you liked it.

You should definitely read it, I read it again a couple of months ago, and knowing the story and all I still laughed in every issue.

Bubbashelby said...

Those all look great - but the Huntress is the nicest of all!

Freak Studios said...

Yes, I really like that Huntress, plus she looks perfect for the display.