Friday, October 9, 2009

Don't look back in anger

After deciding I was going to get into the sugar rush simply known as MOTU Classics, I decided that not only I was going in like a rooky police officer in a lame action movie, but also that I was going to do it with full force. Guess what? Apparently I'm the rooky that gets shot at the beginning to prove that the bad guys are serious.

I had to make it up for the lost time and bought Hordak, Zodac, He-Ro, Tri-Klops and Faker. To quote the band Katrina and the waves, "I'm walking on sunshine"... Hmmm, no, not accurate enough... I know!

To quote Captain Hazel "Hank" Murphy from Sealab 2021, "It feels like a koala just crapped a rainbow in my brain". That's how I feel.

Now to individual analysis (not reviews, everyone reviewed these already):

The figure is great, the cross bow (not displayed) was a must, since it was the weapon from the old action figure, but it was a weapon I never liked in the 80s. Every Horde member had one, and I just thought that was to standard. The staff is very retro and looks a lot like the one from Neca mini-statue, but the hands down for best accessory is the red bat-dragon-whatever that is just amazing.
I did, however find one odd thing about the bio, Hordak's real name: Hek-tor. That just seems like an Eternian version of the Spanish name Hector and left me wondering if that name was in the original series bible or if it is new. Actually what I'm asking is if Mattel thinks that Latin America is some kind of evil horde waiting to invade.

"Hola, mi nombre es Hek-tor. I came to rule your planet, and to steal your job. This is my friend Pancho the dragon."

He's just another repaint, but since I don't own a He-man I guess he'll be the repaint and Faker the original... Man, I wish Philip K. Dick was still alive so he could write this down.
Again, blue and orange, not really a match. It must be weird to do a line of figures and see something wrong but, since it's an homage line, not being able to do anything about it.

"No! What do you mean Faker? I'm not Faker... I'm... I'm Ice Armor He-Man... Yeah, that's the ticket."

I got nothing. The figure is just amazing, he was one of my favorites when I was a kid and have the feeling that after Mer-Man, and perhaps Webstor, he will remain that way.

"He he, my bio doesn't mention it, but I also got X-Ray Vision. Oh, by the way, Evil-Lyn? Pink panties."

I actually didn't know anything about this character until I saw the preview pics for the SDCC. When I did I thought he was a waste of an exclusive. But now that I have him, he turned out very good, the innocent look on his face makes great contrast with the bulky body and the bio that stipulates that he could easily kill you if he feels like it.

"Yes, this is the Green Gem of Protection, how would you like to see my Black Gem of Kick You In The Balls?"

And Finally, Zodac.
Again, not much to say about this figure, he looks just like Zodac is suppose to look: Neutral. The original 80s Zodac was a plain figure that could either be sided with the good guys or the bad guys (he was usually a first to attack, first to die bad guy for me. And keep in mind that in my MOTU world, the bad guys won most of the times). On the other hand, Zodak from MOTU 200X was a really cool (and really hard to get) figure. So I'm waiting for the Bonus Zodak way more than for this guy. Still as a way to remember the epic fights I had in my room and in my mind as a kid, he's just spot on.

"It's NEUTRAL, not NEUTERED! Stop staring at me!"

And that is all, as my journey into the world of MOTUC continues, I'll keep you posted.

He-Man: You should end this post with a helpful advice to children.

FS: Like in the cartoon?

He-Man: Yes.

FS: That was really lame.

He-Man: I know!

FS: ... OK... So, kids, eat lots of fruit and vegetables and stay in school!

He-Man: ...

FS: And now what?

He-Man: Now everybody laughs!

FS: Oh, right...


fishmilkshake said...

Oh man! Those are great figs. Bringing back so many memories. Mustn't start collecting....mustn't! Will continue to live vicariously through FS's collection!

Alberto Martos López said...

Yo también me limitaré a disfrutar de esta colección gracias y a través de tus experiencias y momento.

Freak Studios said...

FMS: That's why I post the pictures and write the silly jokes, to share my collection with you guys. Also to make you jealous, but mostly because of the sharing thing.

Alberto: Me alegra mucho, espero que pongas más imágenes de tu colección para poder disfrutar de la tuya también.