Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Heavy Metal... Or is it Heavy Mattel?

Now is time to show the two most unique pieces of my collection. Metal He-Man and Metal Trap-Jaw:

These might seem as metal plated old 80s toys, but they are not. The guy... Wait, let me correct... The artist that made these casted some molds from the old toys and recreated them using different alloys for texture and color. Since they are made from separate pieces joined together, they are completely articulated and yes, they are incredibly heavy.

"Now with real metal biting action"

Even Trap-Jaw's Jaw is articulated. And for Trap-Jaw's arm, the guy just got creative and added a screw joint (something Mattel never did, they just screwed us. Zing!).

"Man, if I don't stop doing Mattel jokes I'll never have my own Q&A with Matty. Plus, I need to have some visits in this blog first. None of those things is going to happen any time soon"

And of course, when you have real metal for Trap-Jaw, you need real leather for He-Man's vest. After all, nothing says "80s homo-erotic innuendo" as good old fashioned leather.

"Just like Poison in the 80s, but with real metal"

Last, but not least, you get a cool metal replica of the power sword since without it He-Man is just a guy wearing pink tights.

"Just some furry underwear, leather straps and a big, long, sword, damn you! No second meanings that will ruin your childhood"

Sure, the figures lost the details in the process, but I don't like them for their quality as action figures, but for the very unique (and very geeky) devotion the guy that made them needed in order to make these. A geeky devotion that myself, and probably most of you, share.


Monsterforge said...

Holy Crow! Where in the world did you find these? They rule!!!

Freak Studio said...

Where in the World? I found them in Argentina of course. These are the work of a local artist, he made molds of the original toys.

I can get them for you if you want, but the shipping maybe high, these are pretty heavy.