Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Amazing Spiderman

No, I didn't start getting Marvel toys (except for Super Hero Squad, love those lil' guys)... But I did get this:

MOTU Classics Webstor. A long time ago (not really), when I decided to take this blog a little bit more seriously (never happened), I realized that since I live in Argentina (The Far Side of the World or Here There Be Monsters, depending on which map you decide to check) I usually get my toys later than the average collector. People often tell me is because of things like shipping and customs, I'm more conservative and blame those damn sea serpents.

The point is (there's really no point) is kinda pointless (see?) to review a toy almost every other toy blog already reviewed, and this is the best example: Most toys are reviewing Teela, Mattel's next MOTUC... I'll have her in about a month or so.

But that doesn't prevent me from having some fun with the toys I get...

"Itsy bitsy spider went up the... OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?"

The figure didn't have any huge QC problem, so I'm happy with that. The grappling hook, however, was very warped because of the soft plastic used. But it's not a big issue, since is not noticeable from the front when Webstor is standing with the others.

I really like this figure and he takes me back (I had the original one, used to spend a lot of time trying to fix the mess I always did with the string action feature... Almost as much time as I spent playing), so, yeah, this is exactly what MOTU Classics is about. Nostalgia... And string... Or something like that.

With that in mind the design of the Four Horsemen is great, and I think I would have liked my Webstor even more, if he had this spider legs on his back and extra eyes when I was a kid.

The one thing I could never understand is the name of the character. I understand the joke, but MOTU characters are usually based on too specific bad puns (here's looking at you Two-Bad... Clawful... And a special mention to you, Mekaneck), but Webstor was to plain, even for MOTU standards.

Is it a joke on Webster? The kid from the show? How do you get from this to that?

"Not the same thing"

A cool pun can be added now thanks to Matty. Because you see... I got Webstor, at a Web-Store... But there was no Matty in the 80s, so that's not it. Plus, is a very bad joke.

Anyway, I think all things considered, Webstor got lucky, since knowing the line he could have been called Spy-Dor (He's a spy and a spider, so cool), Escap-o (get it? he's a master of... Nah, forget it), or even Web-Man...

"He-Man's villain: Web-Man"

I'll end this no-review by saying that Webstor is a really cool looking toy, expensive, true, but all the line is and you should know that by now. No QC problems and lots of nostalgic (sad) fun out of it.

- Are you ready for that upside down kiss now?
- No... I don't think so...
- But I got up here and all...
- Oh, OK... But no tongue.


fishmilkshake said...

Glad to see Webstor survived the journey and dodged the sea serpents to make it your collection :)

Bubbashelby said...

I always thought the same thing in relation to Webstor/Webster names.

Freak Studios said...

FMS: "Neither snow, nor rain, nor Sea Serpents will stop me from getting my toys". That's the oath I took long ago... It could also have been "In brightest day, in blackest night, no toy shall escape my sight..." Oh, I have to call Geoff Johns...

Bubba: If you ever find out the truth, please, tell me.

Anonymous said...
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