Monday, November 9, 2009

Hail to the King, baby!

No, I'm not here to talk about Army of Darkness (if you guessed that I was gonna do that based on this post's title, then congratulations, you're as geek as me. If you didn't thought I was gonna talk about Army of Darkness, the I'm very disappointed at you, you should really try harder next time. If you checked the pics before reading the title, then you cheated, and I'm kinda proud of you).

If you're waiting for me to show you this...

... Then, by all means, be my guest.

In this week's haul I got a MOTU Classics King Grayskull exclusive figure. This ghost of Kings past (I think that's a line from The Lion King) was an exclusive in 2008 SDCC and just from the packaging you know this is going to be great. You ca make Castle Grayskull out of King Grayskull's box. Also, when you open the gate, you get a lights and sound show, the King yell's "I have the power". Lovely...

... Or it would have been if I kept my toys in the box, but I wanted him out, and in order to do that without damaging the box or the figure, I must have pressed the damned button a hundred million times. Add the fact that my dog barked at the box every time it was activated and you will get a very angry Freak Studio at the end of the operation.


But everything was forgotten when the figure was out. He just looks great. Mattel re-used He-Man's Buck, with some new tooling, but I think is OK that the result is a more "barbaric" He-Man, he's supposed to be Adam's ancestor.

Apparently, a blonde Conan was the great grandfather of the guy in pink tights. Go figure.

He comes with his battle axe, shield and sword. But not any sword, you guessed it, a Power Sword. I decided to display King Grayskull with the axe for two reasons: First, he looks more like a Viking berserker with an axe. Second, for a very rare and magical power item, everybody seems to have a Power Sword. Skeletor has one, and Faker, of course He-Man, but He-Ro has one too. Oh, and Adora has a "cloned" sword (according to the card bio).. And did I mentioned that even Man-at-Arms has one (the 200X version, but a Power Sword anyway). So Battle axe good, Power Sword bad.

"This is a killing machine, not a fashion statement"

I like King Grayskull, he's a great figure, although he's hardly a classic (he only had one episode, and in the 200X remake, not in the first show). With that in mind, is kinda weird that in a line called MOTU Classics, we already have three (two here, one on his way) figures that are not classics at all: King Grayskull and Zodak (from the 200X show) and He-Ro (from who knows where). Still I think is good to throw in a couple of new toys every once in a while in order to keep people interested.

Until next time, sleep well you Queens of Eternia, you Kings of Grayskull... Sweet dreams...

"I see dead people..."


LEon said...

That's one rare figure for me from where I came from. Keep it well.

Freak Studios said...

Hi Leon, welcome to the blog, is not very common here either. Don't worry, I'll keep it safe.

Monsterforge said...

He-Ro is actually based on a figure from the original line that was never produced. He would have been the first of the next wave of figures that would have come out had the line not been canceled and re-launched as the New Adventures of He-Man. So I guess that kinda makes him a classic-- more so than King Greyskull! Check it out: