Saturday, November 7, 2009

Atom Smash!

Well, here's the thing. As I wrote before, is not normal for me to buy all the figures in one wave. I'll do it if I'm into the series, like DCD JLI, but in other cases, like Mattel's DC Universe Classics, is just not the same, since there's no basic root in one series (there's a general direction of the line, the first year centered in New Gods, next year who knows? Legion? Metal Men? Titans?).

With DCUC I always treated every figure individually. Do I need a Metamorpho for a display? Then I get wave 1's C&C. Do I need Captain Atom or Mr. Miracle or Killer Moth? Great, I'll get them.

Today, I got this:

The other day, I was tiding up my display room and I came across Atom Smasher's left arm. Thanks to the Big Barda I bought for my Justice League display. Seeing the arm all alone in my accessory drawer got me a little sad... And since I know a guy that had a lot of extra C&C pieces, I asked him if he could complete my Atom Smasher.

"- We're so totally like that movie with Arnold Schwarzeneger and Danny Devito...
- Twins?
- Nah... Junior"

The problem is my friend doesn't like to sell his C&C pieces, he just uses them to trade figures. But I had nothing he could be interested in (that I was willing to let go, that is) so I convinced him to sell the pieces to me, we looked on line for a fair price and that was it. A week or so later, he gave me a box with the pieces and he said that there was something I may like inside. No ticking, so it was not a bomb, and no foul smell, so no dead cat either. At the moment I couldn't think of anything else, so I took the box. When I opened it I found these inside:

DC's most beloved heterosexual partner's for life. Also from DCUC's wave 7. Because my friend felt bad for sending me only the pieces, he added Blue Beetle and (modern) Booster Gold since he had a spare couple.

Beetle came complete wit his BB Gun (or a hair dryer):

"I make crime fighting look fabulous!"

And Booster had his faithful (or is it?) robot from the future, Skeets, that is attached to a hole in his back.

"I want to be your friend"

Of course, inside the robot is Mr. Mind, the most dangerous worm with the mind of a criminal genius you'll ever find. A villain so bad, so twisted that the only hero capable of defeating him was the Mexico based hero Tequila Man.


(for the record, I know that's a bottle of Mezcal, not Tequila... But wanted to be as generic as possible... Mezcal Man? Please, that's just silly.)

Atom Smasher is really nice, I like how you can clearly tell there's a face under the mask and how the Four Horsemen detailed the veins in his arms. Booster and Beetle are great too, I was seriously considering that the modern version of Booster's suit would be a nice addition to my collection (same with a not so chubby Beetle).

Back to the point, I was just so happy with the present that had to write about it right away. It reminded me that for every damn no good scalper in the world, there's a cool guy (or girl) that's just a collector like you, who's not in toys for profit and that he just wants to share his hobby and his passion for toys with others.

Now I realize, that this should have been my Christmas post... Oh well, can't erase it now. What? I can? Nah, I'll just think another sugar coated story for next month. Unless one of you wants to give me some more toys for free... No? Well, two times in one day was too much to ask anyway.

"- So, what's your power?
- I'm super stretchy, what's yours?
- I grow huge... Like a building or something...
- Really?
- Really...
- Don't believe you."

- Nothing's gonna happen, all you Atoms are good for is shrinking."

"- See? I tould you...
- Shut up!"


fishmilkshake said...

Just because that other dead cat was posted from Australia don't go pointing fingers at me! Atom Smasher is an awesome figure, well done FS.....but then anything is better than a dead cat.

Bubbashelby said...

I love BB but have never been a fan of Booster Gold. I know they're big "fans" of each other, but my collection is likely to stay sans Booster forever. Sorry BB!

That Atom Smasher looks nice!