Monday, November 30, 2009

That's just classic DC!

After a time of hope, when I was sure somehow the universe was going to deliver them to me, followed by a dark moment of depression, when I thought I was never going to see them, quickly followed by a moment of negotiation when I stated that only wanted a couple and not the entire wave and also after a moment of doubt in my wallet, I finally got some of DCUC Wave 10.

At first I only wanted two figures from this wave: Robot Man and Beast Boy. Why? Because I like the Doom Patrol, and since Negative man is coming and (wish wish wish) Elastigirl will be a C&C sometime down the lane I needed BB and Roboto (as fans of MOTU may call him).

Robot Man uses one of the base bucks but the new tooling is great, the hands and head look especially fine. Actually I'm so thrilled with the sculpted brain that I will display him without the top of the head for some time.

At first I thought BB reused the teenage buck from Robin or Kid Flash, hard to tell 'cause I don't own any of those figures, but a friend told me it was a different body. So I'm awaiting confirmation. The thing is he looks fine, the head sculpt is nicely done, although he looks a little bit serious, and hair in the arms and hands is a nice detail that brings his animal side to life.

"Mento told me this was going to happen if I kept doing it... But with Starfire, Raven and Terra around what do you expect me to do?"

A lot of people complained that this was an incorrect costume for such a young buck. I don't complain because the path Mattel is taking is very clear to me: Mattel is not using only the comics as an inspiration, but the animated series as well, often as a source even more relevant than the comics. Examples: Solomon Grundy, same clothes and same size as the cartoon. The preview shots of Copperhead looked a lot more as the JLU copperhead than the comics. Beast Boy is a teenager wearing the costume he used in Teen Titans Go!

Since I really like the cartoons, I don't mind this direction.

The I picked up a Joker to see what all the fuss was about and I have to admit he's quite impressive. I don't think this figure will replace the DCD Batman and Son Joker from my Batman display, 'cause I like the modern Joker a lot, but this Super Friends Classic version is a must have. Not only for the great sculpt but because of the accessories, that laughing fish! AWESOME!

This figure is from a time when the Joker still had some fun added to the psycho, the modern version is pure psycho. And you know what they say: "All psycho and no fun makes Joker a dull boy".

Then, there's Forager, a character so obscure that I just had to get. I knew the bug from New Gods and I got a little sad over his death in Cosmic Odyssey, but other than that I don't think he's even Black Lantern material, and nowadays, that's saying something. The sculpt is very nice (the character design was kinda plain to begin with) but my issue with this figure is its size. Or Forager is too big, or perhaps Robot Man is too small, but there's no way he should be towering over him like that (the Joker is supposed to be a very tall fellow too).


I checked Power Girl but passed, the DCD Infinite Crisis is as good as this one. Still, kudos to Mattel for the huge boobs, but I'll take away that kudos for the silly "cover them in package" policy that was applied.

And as a bonus, I finally got my hands on this guy:

Wave 9 of DCUC was harder to find in Argentina than a decent Hip Hop performer in... In... Well, in Argentina.

I just love Green Arrow's sculpt and the waiting was worth it. The bow sucks, but we all knew that right? I was really lucky he was the only one I wanted from wave 9, some of my friends are going bananas over a Chemo they'll probably finish in 2064.

I'm very happy with my addictions... Ehm... Sorry... Additions to my Justice League, DC characters and the new (baby) Doom Patrol displays. Can't wait for next wave... And I want the C&C this time... Oa help me...


fishmilkshake said...

These are sweet Freak! I'm really digging this series. I'm a DCUC convert now!

Freak Studios said...

I know you converted FMS, now when you walk down the geek street you'll hear "ONE OF US, ONE OF US".