Thursday, January 14, 2010

14 guys - 1 girl ratio... MOTUC is just like a Comic Con

When I was a kid, Teela from Masters of the Universe wasn't a damsel in distress, she could kick some serious ass, but at the end of the day she always lost the battles because, in my room, the bad guys ruled Eternia. Take that Filmation! Your moral messages at the end of each episode changed nothing! NOTHING! (although I learned is bad to cause forest fires, and that is a good thing).

Tomorrow I'm finally getting Scareglow and the He-Man reissue, and I realized I never did a post about last month's figures Teela and Zodak.

"After the Horde killed Orko, Teela was sad, Zodak tried to look cool, but he was laughing inside. That floating asshole was too damn annoying"

When I let my sister play with my MOTU figures she always wanted Teela, Zoar, Fisto and Kobra Kahn. Nope, that didn't made sense to me either, but if I didn't let her have them she would tell my mom. Anyway, my adventure stories could go on without the freaky sex/bestiality parties that those four were involved in.

Allow me to elaborate a thought now, does having sex with like, I don't know, Buzz-Off counts as bestiality? How about Stratos? He's a flying ape man. Are you aroused and/or shocked by this? Good, let's move on.

The Teela figure from the MOTU Classics line is very well done, the sculpt from the 4H is amazing as always, the extra head a great bonus (I'm not going to display her with it but still counts), and I chose the sword, there are too many staff users in the MOTUC line and besides, the staff only works with the Goddess head anyway. The sword is incredibly detailed, looks like a really heavy weapon and fits perfectly with the character. With all of this said, Teela is the first MOTUC I got that had a QC issue, her neck peg is a little bended and that's why she always looks down with that sad puppy expression.

"Teela: Dad? I... I can't feel my neck...
Duncan: Oh My God! Medic!!"

I've read in several blogs that this was a common issue with Teela, and from the front is not very noticeable so I'm not that pissed at Mattel. I just hope Evil-Lyn is better.

Zodak is not a very classic character at all, he was the revamped version of Zodac in the 200X series. They needed to change the skin color of a character, and they chose Zodac, the intergalactic neutral warrior that nobody really cared about. The role of Zodak in the new series was very important (in season 2) and the character was portrayed with some depth and a couple of twists.

After that I was much more thrilled about ZodaK than ZodaC in the MOTUC line, plus, he comes with wicked glow in the dark tattoos like he's in a Joel Schumacher film, about to be whooped by Chris O'Donnell... Now that I think of it that way, is not cool at all...

Zodak is a nice and simple figure, it has almost no new tooling but still looks very nice in a display. I think it was OK that this was a bonus figure, since some fans might have felt cheated if he was the figure of the month. Still, a great addition.

Plus I want to thank Mattel, 'cause they gave me the possibility of re-enacting with toys one of my favorite scenes from Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult:

Thanks Mattel!


Bubbashelby said...

Cool figures - too bad about the QC issue on Teela. My 2010 subscription starts tomorrow so I can't wait to see how Adora turns out - and next month...Trap-Jaw!

fishmilkshake said...


chrismandesign said...

u must improve ur guys vs. gals ratio colleague... there are a lot of beautiful & sexy female character’s figures outhere... i must say that i couldn’t find a Masters of the Universe’s figure that really rocks me, so i have not even one of them... these ones look great, & i think that Mattel has been improving quality in some of its figures (myb they been notice that more quality appeals to serious collectors, even if the figures themselves become more expensive...) care to become a fan of my blog, using my 2 gadgets available ??? lately i get an obssession with fan numbers... i’ll b ur fan barely u put any of those gadgets in blog, for sure... thx in advance

Freak Studio said...

Bubba: Yes! I'm super psyched about Trap Jaw too. He was one of my favorites when I was a kid.

FMS: Thanks mate!

Chris: I will improve it when they release more girls, until then is "a one woman show" (yes, that was a quote from Batman & Robin, so shoot me). These figures are intended to the Adult Collector, that's why they are Internet Exclusives and a little more pricey.

Anonymous said...
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