Sunday, January 10, 2010

My plastic Plastic Man

So, I haven't been uploading lots of material... Hell, is January the 10th and I didn't even posted any of my X-mas Haul... But right now I'll start to compensate, I have a lot of new figures to share with you and lots of Silly Toys ideas too.

OK, let's start with one of my X-mas gifts to me: DCD Alex Ross' Justice Plastic Man... Man, that's a lot to remember. You may also call him Plas, or also the best version of Plastic Man ever made (until DCUC has a shot at it, probably as an exclusive in the next SDCC, but those are just rumors and I, as usual, digress).

"I know I'm made of rubber, but bare feet? What if I step on gum? Eww..."

Plastic Man is one of my favorite characters of all time, and I'm not even sure why, I guess that the combination of a very cool power, a very weird costume and a very goofy personality is appealing. Maybe is the fact that he wears goggles that are also made of malleable plastic (perhaps they are his eyes, I don't know). I wasn't especially fond of the cartoon series either, I liked it, but not as much as others, the supporting characters always struck me as dumb.

"From left to right: Dumb Blonde, Dumb Hawaiian with bad luck and bad taste, Plastic Man, obviously gay and puzzled tailor"

I also loved the fact that he used to disguise as every day objects but they always were red, black and yellow and nobody noticed. Apparently every villain he ever faced was colorblind. The point is he's a classic, and this version of him does him justice (excuse the pun). I love to see how he's getting lots of love from the Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon, that means he'll hang around in the toy world for some time. I also own, and like too, the original 1999 DCD version, I could have pass on this one if I only had the goggles of that one...

"We have blue eyes? Really??? Also, Why are you so happy... And short?"

Who am I kidding? I wasn't going to pass on this one, the only reason I didn't get it earlier is because getting him complete in Argentina is incredibly difficult. This figure came with three amazing interchangeable limbs/accessories: An alternate set of legs made into a spring, and two long arms, one of them with a huge hand. They are a lot of incomplete figures out there: No legs, no spring, no regular arms, no long arms... It took me at least a year to find a MOC one to open (hate me MOCers, see if I care).

And now, as a way of saying sorry for the long silence Freak Studios opens a new section called SEPARATED AT BIRTH. This week:

Until next time, another taste of why Plas is not just Plastic Man, he's The Man:

And since I am generous, here's the song about Plastic Man in the album Songs and stories about the Justice League of America (from 1968 , or 1975, I don't really know and the Internet can't answer):

Plastic Man Song

See you, and remember "Plastic Man, he's in great shape for the shape he's in", just poetry!


Bubbashelby said...

Plastic Man is one of the greats!

fishmilkshake said...

Great pick-up FS! The Justice figures are DCDs best effort!

LEon said...

His shades reminds me of Elvis. Is he related to Mr Fantastic? LOL

Alberto Martos López said...

Gran figura, la tengo pendiente. Como siempre, un placer disfrutar de tus adquisiciones y tu sentido del humor. Feliz año!

chrismandesign said...

esa figura está super bacana, y con todos accesorios que trae realmente vale la pena, además, si está basada en el diseño de personaje de Alex Ross tanto mejor... parece que Diamond Comic Distributors hace piezas muy buenas, al igual que DC Direct... congrats colleague !!!

Freak Studio said...

Bubba: Yes he is!

FMS: I also like Hush and JLI, but yes Justice is a great series too!

Leon: He's the cool cousin of Mr. Fantastic. Plus he doesn't have to compensate in his superhero name...

Alberto: Feliz año para vos. Espero que pronto vuelvas a postear tus figuras.

Chris: Diamond es una distribuidora nomás, no hace figuras. Esta es de DC Direct y sí, ¡es excelente!

chrismandesign said...

ja! esa no me la sabía... osea que sucede lo mismo que con Sideshow que únicamente distribuye las piezas... lo que hacen las marcas para confundirlo a uno !!! ...