Monday, March 29, 2010

Hell Yeah!

I really shouldn't be doing this review. I have a lot of stuff ready for the site (even things from the same line), some comics ready too and pics taken and all. But I'm so happy about getting this next figure I really can't wait to tell you this:


The February disaster at Matty's was largely regarded as the day everyone lost Battle-Cat. But, although I play from time to time with the idea of getting the green cat eventually, the figure I wanted most was Trap Jaw. Why? Because he was one of my MOTU top three.

You see, when I was a kid I had a Top Three list for almost everything, my favorite Super-friends (Batman, Flash and Firestorm - this last two when they showed up), my favorite three cartoons (Thundercats, Robotech and MOTU - later Transformers), my favorite three Ninja Turtles figures (Leonardo, Bebop, Napoleon Bonafrog), my favorite three Batman villains (Penguin, Joker, Riddler), my three favorite Thundercats characters (Jackal-man, Tygra and Vulture-man), etc.

For MOTU it always was Mer-Man, Trap Jaw and Stratos. I also liked Webstor, Ram-Man and Tri-Clops, but these were always near the top, nut never at it. The reason behind the three choices are clear for me: as a kid flying is a really cool dream, the same goes for breathing underwater, and cyborgs, cyborgs are just plain cool.

"I'm here to chew scrap metal and kick ass, and I'm all out of scrap metal"

As how I got it it's easy, thanks to Mattel. You see after the Moss-Man disaster, a friend and fellow collector called me and said that his brother was "Quittin' teh lien!". He had a MOC Trap jaw, but was tired of not getting the figures he wanted and paying scalpers. "Oh, too bad" I said. "Oh, that's great!" I thought.

Some days (and a few bucks) later I had Trap Jaw in my collection. The figure is amazing, the three arm attachments work great and look better and this kind of figures is the reason I really don't want to "quit teh lien"... they are just that awesome.

"A really trendy belt will help you with your extra parts. Always remember that."

And of course you also get the extra arm and the extra head to make your own Kronis. I especially like that. I was hooked with the 200X cartoon (and particularly with the 200X toy line). So I guess that the inclusion of Kronis and the decision to add the expanded universe of the 200X series is a sure win for me.

For those of you who doesn't know, Kronis was Trap jaw when he was just a blue skinned guy and not a cyborg with a great name. Kronis fought with Keldor (the pre-Skeletor) and almost succeeded in the conquest of all Eternia. But they failed, and Kronis betrayed Skeletor (ex-Keldor). For that he mutilated him and left him for dead. But Tri-clops found the body, and since he was in a playful mood, create a new warrior out of him (you know the drill, faster, stronger, better, more articulated). And then Skeletor accepted the now-more-powerful-traitor as his new Evil Warrior. I wonder if Skeletor will ever learn to be a real evil dictator...

Nah, I don't think that would have sold too many pairs of He-Man underwear back in the 80s.

Until next time. HELL YEAH!

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chrismandesign said...

the tragedy for someone results the fortune for someone else, it happens in the real life, it happens to collectors...kjakajkajkakjkakjkajkja... that sounds like the introducing sentence of any "B" TV series, but it’s true... this figure is really colorful & if that’s one of ur favorites, all the better =) Mattel goes in the right way, i guess so...