Monday, March 15, 2010

Think green

I'm not a fan of DCUC female buck. As a matter of fact, since I'm cherry picking the line, I try to avoid as many female figures as I can, since DCD females usually are better (if they are in scale). Examples: Power Girl from DCUC is nice but the one from Infinite Crisis is better, White Mary Marvel is a DCUC disaster in comparison with DCD, and let's not start talking about Little Barda (gorgeous sculpt, all wrong). This said (I'll say more later) I bought my first DCUC wave 11 figure, and it was a girl and not any girl:

"Hips don't lie..."

Katma Tui, from the Green Lantern Corps. As usual with DCUC The face is great, the 4 Horsemen are incredible sculptors as you may have heard on the Interwebs more than a few times. But the body is quite a mess. The arms are like little toothpicks, I was afraid I was going to brake them everytime I moved them. And in comparison, the legs and hips are huge.

As you may have noticed, I'm not loving this figure. But I wanted her for one of my displays and she's a welcome addition to the Green Lantern Appreciation Group (GLAG). The only problem is that the GLAG also wants an Arisia, and when I finally get DCD's Katma Tui will look like Arisia's little Poozer. And if DCD finally gets to her (yeah, right) she'll be 7'25" or something like that.

What Katma Tui does have in favor is the two green constructs that are the greatest idea since the first Green Lantern come to existence. History shows too many Power Batteries (nice detail, kinda over-rated) and nothing that kids can actually use to play with the figure. Except their imagination, but who wants to do that, right?

Anyway, Green Light Constructs are a great idea, I just hope they don't turn into generic pieces, but instead they are produced to fit the characters personality (like they did with John Stewart making a gun). If the release Guy Gardner with a construct it better be something that can cause some real damage!

Sorry about the rant and the lack of sillyness. I'm just not a fan of DCUC female buck, did I say that already?

Until next time. Actually I can use DCUC Big Barda if I ever want to have Little Barda on display...


chrismandesign said...

not a fan of female characters ??? what a pity !!! but i understand ur reasons for that... this girl is absolutely unknown for me (just from the lantern’s gang) uhmmm this one is a bit weird (i guess she’s not human or at least not from the earth or something like that...) it seems she was horseback riding (she was betrayed by her knees LOL) and her arms are "barbie like" as the other female characters by Mattel, yep (the DC female characters aren’t so muscular after all...) but if u own her is because u liked & nothing else matters =)

Freak Studio said...

@Chris: I like female characters, just not the female generic buck Mattel uses for the DCUC line. This girl is in fact an alien, a member of the Green Lantern Corps. DC girls should be more muscular than this. I own her because there's no other version of her, perhaps in the future there will be, but since she's now dead in the comics I don't think so...