Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Around the world in plastic toys

Most of the action figures I show in this blog traveled great distances, usually from the USA to Argentina, but sometimes some figures feel the need to be free and see the world before settling down.

Take these, for example:

DCD Mary MARVEL (white costume variant) and The Atom (Ryan Choi) from Mattel's Infinite Heroes line. Two figures I wanted for quite some time, and they made it here after an incredible (well packed in bubble wrap) journey from the scariest country of the world: Australia.

Courtesy of my (now I have to say it) very good friend FishMilkShake... Again!

Mary MARVEL (not Batson, MARVEL! Calling her Mary Batson like that was her superhero name is like calling Superman "SuperKent", I don't care how many legal issues there are, her name is Mary MARVEL, and she's the sister of Captain MARVEL, not goddam Shazam! Sorry, now to our regular broadcast...)

As I was saying, Mary MARVEL in her white costume was the stand in for Captain MARVEL in Keith Giffen's weird six issue sequel to JLI called "Formerly known as the Justice League", and also "Super Buddies" and also "I can't believe this isn't the Justice League".

As such, I needed her for my JL display, I was expecting DCUC's version, but it turned out to be a cheekbone nightmare. A horrible skinny funny looking figure in the great wave 12. So I decided to go vintage and told FMS I was looking for this girl. And presto, now I have her! Thanks!

Let me start by saying don't collect Infinite Heroes. The often called "Playmobil hands" made me avoid this line like the plague. But to tell you the truth, the hands don't look that bad in person (and from a distance).

"Why did he wanted this figure if he doesn't collect the line?" You may ask, and my answer would be I only want the two Atoms (now I'm only missing Ray Palmer). The small size of the line but the similar look they share with the 6" line is good for having a small sized Atom (but big enough to be noticeable). I already own the very small Atom that came with DCUC Gentleman Ghost in wave 8. But he's usually lost in the shelve. So I decided to get these. I told that to FMS and BOOM... Thanks! (Again).

It's really nice to have friends, and is even better to have friends that will send you toys in the mail!

Until next time. MARVEL!


chrismandesign said...

WOW !!! Mary Marvel looks really nice, sexy & luxurious, amazingly sculpted, tempting piece, the pearled white is just fantastic (well, bout that legal names problem, i always knew Shazam! as Shazam! & not as Captain Marvel =PPP)... that Atom looks fine, both of them r rare i guess, but by far i prefer Mary Marvel (lately female characters make my day)...

fishmilkshake said...

Glad they got there! The crocodiles in the mail center can be harsh!

Freak Studio said...

@Chris: Yes, she looks great! I agree with the color choice. Beware the female figures path, you'll start getting hentai figures next!

@FMS: Thanks my friend. Looks like we avoided the crocodiles this time!

chrismandesign said...

kjakjakakjkajkakajkjak... i already hav a set of sensual(lustful) hentai gashapon (limited edition) LOL... so i’m already trapped, but i hav no problem with that... i’m a serious collector not a pervert LOL...