Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh, Action League, with a little help from my friends...

(Yes, you were supposed to sing the title... Duh!)

So, I'll just say it: My favorite show on TV right now is Batman - The Brave and the Bold. I think it's great, funny and clever. I think it digs very deep in the history of DC comics and uses the weirdest, most obscure and freaky (that must be why I like 'em) characters I can recall. I'm waiting every episode anxiously and I watch them in my free time, consider that, for someone who watches cartoons for a living, this is remarkable.

You may have noticed I also collect toys, but I had a problem: the 5" hole-in-joints line from Mattel wasn't doing it for me. Then I saw the Action league and, as a DC fan/collector of Marvel Super Hero Squad figures I was so incredibly happy with the images (add happy face here). The only problem is that the line is still pretty rare and hard to come by in Argentina (add sad face here).

But now, thanks to the help of regular visitor FishMilkShake... No, no, let me rephrase that, I have a rule that says anyone who gives me toys is automatically my friend, so, following that rule I'll start again.

But now, thanks to the help of my good friend, regular visitor, usual contributor to the kick-ass AFB Forum, Australian trendsetter and toy collector extraordinaire, FishMilkShake I now own these:

I helped FMS in the past with a Marvel Legends Black Widow and some DCUC figures he was missing, and in return he got me almost the complete first wave from the Action League line. Toasts in the Freak House will remember this for a long time.

What I got includes:

The Batman and Red Tornado two-pack:

The Blue Beetle and Plastic Man two-pack:

The Aquaman and Black Manta two-pack:

And two of the single packs, The Atom and Green Arrow:

Just the Batman vs. Kanjar Ro pack is missing, since the other singles are figures of characters I already own. I'll try not to repeat too many characters, but in this kind of line that's a really hard thing to do.

To sum up, thanks to FMS, and now I'll need to track down more figures, and specially more villains, since the poor Black Manta is feeling very lonely and pretty inadequate by now...

Until next time. OUTRAGEOUS!


chrismandesign said...

man... those figures r really attractive, carefully manufactured, the paint job is great, end of, i liked’em so much... obviously a meaningful thing bout’em is that they r a gift from a fellow collector, that make’em very special... i hope this year, with the help of GOD, first at all, to pick up some DC & Marvel pieces for my collection, additional to those of my colleagues to publish, since i found some not-so-traditional figures out there, just the kind i like & some of them will come soon...

Reis O'Brien said...

I love these little guys! I haven't bought any yet, mostly because I need another toy-line to collect like I need a punch in the kidneys, but I do plan to grab a Batman for my Bat-collection eventually.

But I totally agree, these figures are superbly designed.

Cool score, brother!

LEon said...

THe new design toys look good! bring new life to old heroes. Good gets!

Freak Studio said...

@Chris: You should, superhero toys are the best! Can't wait for reviews on your blog.

@Reis: I couldn't help myself, they look so awesome I wanted the entire line (I'll pass in the 15 Batman variants though). I don't think you'll have any trouble finding a Batman you like, but beware, is really hard to resist temptation

@LEon: Exactly, I liked the idea with Marvel Super Hero Squad and I'm loving it with these guys.