Friday, February 19, 2010

Action Score!

As you remember from the other day thanks to a great present I officially started collecting Action League from Batman - The Brave and the Bold. You may also remember my rant on how this were really hard to get in Argentina. Well I was right, they are hard to get, there's not a single one in our version of Ebay and that's that. End of story.

Or was it?

Two days ago a friend of mine, collector and private toy seller sent me this magical text: "I have a bunch of TB&TB minis, I brought them for a guy that doesn't answer my calls, I need to sell them, are you interested in any of them?"

So I casually went to his house the next day and OH MY SWEET BATMAN! there was a really huge lot of loose figures!

Long story short, here's my haul:

I grabbed some complete two packs and since they were loose I only picked the different characters and not the Batman versions, my friend told those were the easiest to sell anyway.

Complete Two Packs:

From wave 3:

Etrigan the Demon and Batman as the Dark Knight:

I'll take the Dark Knight as a separate character since Bruce was possessed by Morgan La Fey at the time. Plus, he's really cool.

Batman and the Top:

What can I say? I like Black Costume Batman more than Blue Costume Batman...

Dr. Fate and Wotan (Wotan is an interesting character, he was actually a cave woman that studied the dark arts and was able to reborn into the Sorcerer guy in the pic... Weird magic stuff)

And the Crime Syndicate versions of Batman and Green Arrow, Owlman and Blue Bowman:

Also I got three villains loose from wave 2:

Ocean Master came with Scuba gear Batman, Joker with normal Batman and Sportsmaster with Green Arrow.

And two heroes that also were in two-packs with Batman (Grappling Hook and Batarang):

I just love that screaming B'wana Beast, he's the first reason I got to start collecting this line and was really high in my priority list.

The sculpts are cute and awesome, and there's a lot of tiny details and added things that crank up the fun factor of these figures. For example Joker's green maze has a little smiling face sculpted, just like the Super-Powers and DCUC versions, I think that's great.

I'm loving this line, Mattel. Keep making new characters and I'll keep tracking them down and buying them.

Until next time. SKITTLES!


Bubbashelby said...

Nice! That's one great way to dive head first into a "hard to find" line!

Word Verification: "squital" <- like Skittle lol!

chrismandesign said...

definitely i like those ones so much, they r such amazing things !!! just the kind of toys i love, i’m glad that u could get a bunch of them, specially when they r not available in Argentina (neither in Colombia =(((() & i’m pretty sure that’s the only way to get this kind of stuff: private seller / collector fellows, cuz i get mines this way... i think (& forgive me if i’m wrong...) that these ones r better in detail & paint job than the Marvel Squads, so this time Mattel hits hard to Hasbro XDDDD

LEon said...

I can only say you are very lucky. Congrats!

Freak Studio said...

@Bubba: What can I say, I'm not a subtle kinda guy... Lol.

@Chris: Thanks, I also think that this line is better than MSHS, but just because I like the character better.

@Leon: Thanks!

Free Cialis said...

I like more black costume Batman too, but the simple reason it make him looks a little bit ruder. However We should accept the blue one is the original, and that is something we have to understand, cuz is important for the creators.

Tom Freak said...

Original, yes. But since the black suit is also canon, He can be displayed like that too: It's not like I'm choosing orange skier Batman or whatever from Kenner as my preference...