Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A blast from the past

Hey Kids! Do you know what time it is?

Yes! It's time for a mildly amusing, certainly embarrassing, anecdote from my childhood. Here it goes: When I was like four I was obsessed with Captain Caveman. Don't ask why, I have no recollection of ever watching the Captain Caveman Show, the one with the three girls, or the one with Betty and Wilma. I probably saw it a couple of times and for my four year old mind, that spelled "awesome". The thing is one summer, my parents rented a country house with a pool and this little freak was starting to learn how to swim at the time, and how to jump in the water without being afraid. Progressive parents and all that. Apparently, perhaps as a way to give myself courage, I used to yell "Captain Caveman!" every time I jumped in the pool. Every. Fucking. Time.

I'm not amazed by the fact that my parents tell this story to everyone I know, I'm actually amazed that the didn't shoot me then. "Why is he telling us this?" you may ask, well, my mother told my girlfriend this story (of course) and, somehow, she remembered so, for X-Mas (I know we are in February) she gave this kick-ass present: Funko's Captain Caveman Action Figure.

My girlfriend never looked for a comparison pic, and when this thing arrived she realized it was 6" and way bigger than she thought.

"My girlfriend was shocked by the size of it" (you can quote me out of context any time you want, by the way).

This figure is great, is a great translation to the original design to plastic. And it's also kinda weird, it looks like it has some kind of action feature, but I never found out if this was true or what the Hell is he supposed to do. The figure is fairly simple, but the original design was simple too. The design was also very freaky, since we are talking about a guy that hanged around three gorgeous girls, wearing nothing but his own hair to cover his privates, and all of his body to be fair. We can make a new version of the Connect the bones song with him: The head hair is connected to the... Beard, the beard is connected to the... Chest hair, the chest hair is connected to the... Pubic hair... Etc. (and also, gross).

As I was saying, I never watched the Captain Caveman show when I was little, that's why the story is so bizarre, I did watch, long time after the pool incident, the Laff-A-Lympics, where the Cap was a regular in Scooby Doo's team. Maybe not Captain Caveman, but when I was younger I usually watched Wacky Races, end there were two characters that resembled Captain Caveman, but without super powers. Apparently for Hanna-Barbera, all cavemen looked alike, that's a little anticavite if you ask me...

I really liked Wacky Races, I have a whole theory about why was Dick Dastardly never allowed to win, when all of the other racers were just as dirty as he was. But that is a theory for another time.

In case you were wondering, no, I don't own every car from Wacky Races, I would love to, but I only could get four:

Well, at least I got my two favorite cars: Dick Dastardly's Mean Machine 00 and the Slag Brothers in the Bouldermobile (with number 1). Yes, those are the guys that looked like Captain Caveman... Hey, I told I was obsessed...

Until next time. CAPTAIN CAVEMAN!


Bubbashelby said...

I love Captain CAAAAVEMAAAAAN!!!! That is a very cool version of Cap you have!

Here's some crazy ass trivia for you too, the guy who voiced Dick Dastardly invented and first patented the artificial heart!

Nice Wacky Racers too - I have a couple that were released by Johnny Lightning a couple years back:

LEon said...

I have to say Captain CAAAAVEMAAAAAN!!!! tag line is so catchy that every kid will keep shouting. LOL

For me I watched it in my childhood on TV and although he is a caveman, he is actually quite innovative in gadget. The club of his can help him to fly and other stuff will pop up anything he needed something. I don't remember any of the female tho. Only him. LOL

chrismandesign said...

i remember Captain Caveman & Wacky Races too, but i do not remember shouting on a pool caaapptaaainnn caaaaavveeeemmaaaann !!! LOL... this is the kind of super-dumb-anti-heroe i lovely hate, making justice with his powerful cudgel & delivering blows everyway... the racer cars looks great, i guess they r hard to find...

Freak Studio said...

@Bubba: I didn't know that! Man, when you say crazy ass trivia, you mean it! Loved the post.

@The girls were three cute chicks in the style of Charlie's Angels. Pics should be easy to find.

@Not really hard, I didn't tried hard anyway... I just stumbled across them a while back... :)

Leisa Dreps said...

A blast from the past indeed. I remember I used to watch these shows, especially Wacky Races. And yes, completing all of the cars in Wacky Races is an accomplishment. Getting them all is actually pretty hard. But the car I like the most in the series is Professor Pat Pending's Convert-A-Car, since it looks really convenient.