Sunday, February 14, 2010

King me!

Following it's proud tradition of reviewing action figures a long time after everyone else in the web already did it, this time Freak Studios is proud to present King Randor of the House of Randor. I mean, I'm commenting this one so late that he found a girl, got married, had kids and other blogs are already talking about his daughter Adora. But well, you talk about what you have, and now I have MOTU Classics King Randor.

A Randor figure is a little bitter sweet, he's a cool figure and all, but if I consider it as a toy I can say that a King Randor wouldn't have rocked my world when I was a kid. Of course, I can't be sure of this since I never owned an original Randor before this one, but he never really did much in the cartoon, so I'm guessing he would be in the first part of the adventure, telling everyone what to do, and that was about it.

On the other hand (the sweet hand) as an adult collector is a great figure to have, his color scheme is quite silly, but other than that it makes me think in the awesome mini-statue that the Four Horsemen did for NECA. And man, that was cool. This posseable Randor has a nice sculpt, lots of reuse but a great head, nice details in the armor and in the accessories. There are no QC issues with the paint either. He has one little crooked ankle, not too much and the staff is a little warped.

As with Teela I decided to display Randor with his sword instead of the staff, not only because of the bent plastic, but also because I don't want to have too many staff wielders on my display. For now, just Hordak and He-Ro kept theirs. Besides the sword gives him the look of a warrior King instead of being just a moderate ruler of half of a small planetoid in a dark corner of the galaxy.

The same as what happened with Faker's colors, Randor seems to use a blind man (who was color blind before loosing his sight) to pick his wardrobe for him. I do like the cross motif in the sword, staff and armor.

Disclaimer: If you are a member of He-Man-org, you might be annoyed by a mistake in the above comic. I know that King Grayskull is not the father of King Randor, I used him because he's Adam ancestor and all that. Please ignore that mistake. (I'm also thinking that a good name for Randor's father could have been Ances-Tor...)

Disclaimer II: If you're a member of and you do have a sense of humor, you may find the last disclaimer insulting. Please ignore that disclaimer, I can be a real jerk sometimes.

On other MOTUC news, Mattel revealed that Mo-Larr and a toothless Skeletor will be exclusives for SDCC this year (not the only exclusives, I think a more serious Tytus will be the other one. Where the Hell am I going to put that ginormous bastard?).

I stole this image from AFI.

I think the Mo-Larr figure is great, embracing Robot Chicken proves Mattel has a great sense of humor, something we knew after all those Ask Matty we read each month ("Can't comment at this point" is the greatest punch line of all time).

I, myself, rather ask Faker Matty...

And, that's all from this neck of Eternia.

Until next time. WHERE'S YOUR GODDAM AXE?


chrismandesign said...

well, well, well... we can’t avoid that some-times some-buddy else own & post the same figures we have (but we try so hard to prevent such debacle XDDDD...) the very important issue bout this, is like u said, these figures r ours & each one of us has a different point of view, so that makes a lot of difference... now, bout the figure i love that old age & unbreakable look, i mean it seems sturdy & all those brilliant colours, there is a vintage intention there...

LEon said...

The king is well dressed on the top but the bottom is falling short. It's actually look silly. Is that design for saving cost or is just the fashion of that time? Btw I choke on the first comic scene. LOL