Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's good (and bad) to have friends

Do you remember Adora's debacle? It happened a long time ago (in January) and most collectors thought it was going to be impossible for MOTU Classics purchases to get worse, but we can't say that Digital River is a company that walks away from a challenge... They decided to fuck up royally the following month, and they succeeded! Battle Cat and Trap Jaw day is a day that will live in infamy...

Now that I have expressed my anger, I can honestly say that I wasn't really affected by the Adora disaster. Nor Matty nor Digital River was to blame, only me and my trust in a friend. A friend that promised to take care of the order (my order) and fell asleep. But still I forgive him because that's what friends do, they also have the balls to admit they made a mistake, and my friend told me "I fell asleep" when he could have said "When I logged on there were no more Adoras", and I would have believed him, is not like that wasn't exactly what happened.

So, I was playing with the idea of paying evil scalper prices when BubbaShelby from the awesome blog Toyriffic offer me an Adora in exchange for some Argentinian toys that got him incredibly thrilled.

And he sent Adora, and she arrived in perfect shape and I'm really happy.

Adora looks way better in person than I was expecting from the pics. She's a strong character that deserved a figure. BubbaShelby apparently thinks that PoP toys were girls toys, but I think he's only half right. The good guys (mostly girls) were kinda Barbie-like and My-Little-Pony-like and even Mustachioed-gay-Ken-like, but the bad guys, the bad guys were badass! Mantenna was and still remains as one of my favorite characters of all the MOTUverse, don't really know why.

But probably is because when I was a kid my uncle traveled to the USA and bought me a Mantenna and none of my friends had anything even remotely like him and everyone wanted me to trade/share/sell but I always said no because I HAD THE POWER! (again, that's just a guess...)

Adora comes with two accessories, the ubiquitous Power Sword (every character in this universe seems to have a Power Sword at some point) and a blaster that fits perfectly in her hand and in the holster. There's a little paint issue in one of her legs, but that's the only QC problem she has. The head sculpt, as usual, is amazing.

I'm happy with Adora, I think she turned out even better than Teela, and it's a good thing to have another female in Eternia. At least this doesn't feel like the Smurf Village anymore, if you know what I'm sayin'... (I'm not entirely sure what I'm sayin' either, so don't feel bad if you didn't know).

So, a big thanks to BubbaShelby. As I said before, if you send me toys you're my friend. So, thanks to my new friend. He also promised to find other things for me... And I won't let him forget that! (y'know, 'cause that's what friends do...)

Until next time. I HAVE THE POWER!


chrismandesign said...

look who’s saying it... "Beware the female figures path, you'll start getting hentai figures next!" kjakajkjakajkjkajkajkajkajkja thx for the free smile in my face... i used to think that my business was: male characters collection figures ONLY, but then i realized my huge error & i’m happy for that... uhu, Adora, yep is a beautiful & neat figure, very well sculpted as u said, i like it, but i’m still loving more Mary Marvel =PPPPPP

Bubbashelby said...

Glad she has a happy home! Take good care of her ;)

Freak Studio said...

@Chris: I like Mary Marvel too, but since they are from different lines and they were both free I can't decide which is my favorite!

@Bubba: Thanks a million times for this present. You don't happen to own an extra Moss Man right? :)