Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Podcasts killed the radio star!

Some of the awesome guys at the Action Figure Blues Forum are doing an amazing job with their weekly toy related podcast. It's very funny, informative and since they are from Australia you can laugh at their funny accents and giant spiders. 

They only uploaded three episodes so far so if you start now you should catch up in no time. It's great for buses, subways, planes, long drives, to avoid your nagging family and to escape the real world. Oh, and also it's free! Need I say more?

So, go here, download and listen, and don't do it just because they said I could win free toys if I pimped the podcast, no, do it because it's great fun.

And while you download the first episode, listen to this and remember the time you could actually see music videos on MTV.

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fishmilkshake said...

We rock!! Thanks for the mention Tom.