Friday, September 11, 2009

Complete Collection. Part I.

I don't think a lot of people liked the Wildc.a.t.s. series Playmates did in the mid 90s. But I like 'em. They may not be very articulated (they don't even have knee joints) but they all can stand and pose in a pretty impressive way. The figures are very detailed, they have a ton of accesories, each of them with it's own name in the back of the card (they actually look a lot like Ninja Turtles cards, same company and all). The paint is accurate, and carefully done if you remember they were made over ten years ago. And since not a lot of people collect them, they are a cheap not easy to get (but not impossible either) option for a guy who really enjoyed the comic book (like me).

I had ten characters and, without the variants I don't usually get, only needed three to complete the set. Well, guess what?

Helspont, the leader of the Daemonites is posed on the blister, and he's so cool that after correcting the legs to made him stand I actually left him in that pose.

"What? This thing with my hand? I learned it in Dr Doom's School for evil villains. Don't you think I'm over doing it? No? Cool."

I displayed Zealot with one of her swords, 'cause she would look naked without them. Well, she's not wearing much in the first place.

"GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! I hate the upskirt paparazzi creeps!"

And Black Razor is just the guy that's here to complete the set since I don't really know much about him. Just that he's Grifter's brother and that he looks kinda dangerous and not too bright.

"Oh, yeah, the stars, I was gonna paint them y'know? But then I said to myself, who's gonna look, right? Besides, How many were there? 45? 53? 82?"

Anyway, now I got this Willy cats just where i want them: All together, in my shelve.


But why part I?

Come again and find out next time.

Same Wildt.i.m.e.

Same Wildc.h.a.n.n.e.l.


fishmilkshake said...

Wow! They look great together FS. Good job on finishing the set. I though they made one of the little midget fella though?

Freak Studios said...

Thanks FMS.
One would think that the leader of Wildc.a.t.s. would get his own figure, but no. Apparently, Playmates does not endorse little people in italian suits.