Monday, September 28, 2009

You creep me the flock out! (and other figures)

As you may guess from the title of the post, I just got the History of DC Universe Creeper (from Wave 2). I also got the Blue Devil from wave 1.

The sculpts are great, although Creeper's yellow is too bright and plain, when the preview images showed him a bit darker. Same thing happens to Blue Devil's blue... But that actually doesn't bother me as much.

"Yeah, flocked boas... They never go out of fashion"

I didn't liked the lack of certain articulation (and keep in mind that I don't like the over articulation of DCUC, it's growing on me, but I still hate the chest cut). It makes hard to pose the figures or even to get them to stand up straight. Like Andy from AFB said, the lack of ankle articulation is just ridiculous.

"Man, how did you knew I was smoking weed?"

The other figures I bought (really old ones) are also from DCD, but when it was starting and things like knee joints were a foreign concept to them:

This are the Big Barda and Oberon from Mr. Miracle Box Set (2000).

I had DCUC Big Barda (with the helmet) but she wasn't big enough for Mr. Miracle and the New Gods one looks just so different in a non Kirby display that I couldn't use it, so, when I found out that the fugly helmet on this one was removable, I decided to check how they looked together.

"- When we get home I expect dinner on the table in half an hour. Got it?
- Yes, dear"

It's true that she looks a little bit like Apache Chief. But I never thought Big Barda to be a bombshell, just a bomb, a big scary bomb. Y'know, the kind of woman you would never dare to say she looks like Apache Chief.

"What are you looking at tiny?"

Oberon is just a must have for a JLI display, and since I'm not sure If he'll be part of the elusive and much rumored JLI wave 3 from DCD, I'll have to stick to the pink shirt, red leotard, pink boots ensemble.

Apparently Jack Kirby hated the little people.


fishmilkshake said...

I just have to give you credit for the title of your latest post. Made me laugh out loud!!!!

Freak Studios said...

I just thought of another possible title: New kid on the flock...

Freak Studios said...

Just refined it a little bit more: New creep on the flock!

Damn! That should have been the title.